Anti System Albums

  • A Look At Life Album (4/1/1986)
    Take A Look At Life
    Leather, Bristles, Studs And Ignorance
    In My Eyes
    The Table Must Turn

  • No Laughing Matter Album (4/1/1984)
    Rhetorical Stagnation
    The End Was Inevitable
    The World That God Made
    Dying In Agony
    The Big Fall Out
    Don't Worry
    Strange Love
    Wot Not Meat (To Live! Life)
    No Laughing Matter
    So Long As
    Animal Welfare
    Empty Threats

  • Defence Of The Realm Album (4/1/1983)
    Animal Welfare
    No Longer To Choose
    1000 Rifles
    Government Lies
    Bomb Threat

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