Anti-Flag Lyrics

Anti-Flag does not mean Anti-American. Anti-Flag means
anti-war. Anti-Flag means the common people of the world
are better off living in unity and peace. Anti-Flag means
to stand against corporate greed that hurts millions while
benefitting a handful of extremely rich. Anti-Flag means to
fight against mindless nationalism. Anti-Flag means unity.

For the real story on Anti-Flag you have to go way back to
1988. At that time, Pat could hardly play drums and I was
even worse at guitar. But the fact remained that we were
the only punk More...

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Review about Anti-Flag songs
i have noticed... | Reviewer: truth seeker
    ------ About the song Fuck The Pope performed by Anti-Flag

catholics are utterly stupid. think about this- Catholics believe you need an intermediary (someone to talk to God for you) to confess your sins. (confession). Any TRUE religion would allow you to speak and pray and ask forgiveness Directly to God. Not to mention the fact that they believe you can "buy" your loved ones into heaven...SORRY!! you cant buy anyone into heaven. its such a scam seriously. Catholicism is DEEPLY flawed. They are all going to hell. No man is holier than another.* I HATE how people revere that old man fart of a pope.. *people seriously..he's just a man... a man that looks the other way to child molestation but has a cult like following. Anything catholic makes me shudder and anyone that thinks the pope is any different than the rest of us is just kidding themselves

I agree... | Reviewer: Robert Willis
    ------ About the song Fuck The Pope performed by Anti-Flag

Good riddance to the "pope" as he calls himself--- no one can dictate how people should live or their values in 2013. Fuck you, self proclaimed holy dude! Go back to the 14th century! RW

Its Anti-Flag | Reviewer: TheSex
    ------ About the song I'd Tell You But... performed by Anti-Flag

A purely amazing song, by a very explicit and relevant band. Its a shame these bands dont get the recognition they deserve and maybe more people will listen to their lyrics and the meaning behind them!

One of the best songs Ive heard in my whole life | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Right To Choose performed by Anti-Flag

This song, especially the lyrics helped me to be true to myself.
Forever this song will be my answer to all homophobian people.
Until today I havent had the strength to come out, but this strength grows every single day 'til I will be ready.

Lol | Reviewer: Marc
    ------ About the song Turncoat performed by Anti-Flag

Just stop with arguing about what is punk and what is not punk, Green Day & Blink 182 have old punk songs in old albums. I agree they became worse, but they became older and shit. I love Anti - Flag, Rise Against, Ramones, Sex Pistols & more because they're Anarchist and make protest songs, but I don't care if they are punk or not punk. It's just that they make good music and make protest songs.

To the Anon "GTFO" | Reviewer: callmejim
    ------ About the song A New Kind Of Army performed by Anti-Flag

hey there my anonymous friend, I wanted to inform you that you don't gotta "love" or "hate" the military to be anti-war. Going to Afghanistan and Iraq wasn't some war about "bringing the 9/11 hijackers to justice," that was their not-so-clever guise for OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation) and "Operation Enduring Freedom." Iraq is insanely rich in oil and Afghanistan is rich in the illicit drug opium and heroin. You really think over a decade later we're STILL in those countries full-scale to preserve our freedom?'s to preserve the elite few's personal wealth base and to continually line their pockets with gold, OUR blood and OUR suffering. So why don't YOU bug off you brainwashed nationalistic idiot.

GTFO | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A New Kind Of Army performed by Anti-Flag

Dont like america? gtfo. dont like the military who has fought for our country, who has fought to help other countries? gtfo. some of us joined the military to stand for this nation. when china or north korea decides to bomb us, your gonna be thankful of the military. God Bless.

fuck the pope | Reviewer: no
    ------ About the song Fuck The Pope performed by Anti-Flag

"Scotland's Catholic population has fallen by 18% since 1982; baptisms are down 39%; and the number of people marrying in Catholic churches has plunged by 63%." copied and pasted from the BBC news 16th Sept 2010.

It's heartening to see people people are voting with their feet.
I was reared a catholic then spent the next four decades years trying to sort my heart & head out after all the terrible abuse I suffered throughout my childhood, at the hands of beasts, masquerading as christians.
The real numbers of abused will never be known because many of them died taking their torture to the grave with them, but I will wager the figures run to hundreds of thousands world-wide.
Nearly a third of a million people at Bellahouston in 1982 - 65,000 in 2010 - oh, and by the way, they're charging a score (£20) for the privilege of seeing this old bastard.

Punk! | Reviewer: Ben
    ------ About the song Turncoat performed by Anti-Flag

Jesus fucking christ, chill about the whole blink and green day not being punk, they both originated as punk bands, and like every single genre, punk evolved! Blink 182 took punk, and added shit that no one else sings about, I don't hear Miley Cyrus singing about dicks and pussies and boobies, so thats punk right there, Blink is singing about boobs, penises and shit they like, while getting loads of cash. Punks about saying no fuck you im gunna do what I wanna do, and Blink does just that, I'm sure multiple times along the line that they were asked to not sing about so much sexual shit, but they were like fuck that we are gunna say what we wanna say, and they did. So fuck you, you 70 punks that only stay with old school punk, expand a bit and appreciate the punk there is today, I mean what, are you gunna go a Justin Bieber concert, or Blink one eighty fucking two?
Anti Flags fucking awesome ass anti government punk!

1 trillion dollar$ | Reviewer: alicia
    ------ About the song One Trillion Dollars performed by Anti-Flag

"one trillion dollars, what a bullshit useless thing"

that lyric is really simple, but probably my favorite lyric of all time. this song got me thinking...having enough money to feel secure is great, but having so much excess causes nothing but problems.

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