Anti-Flag Albums

  • The General Strike Album (3/20/2012)
    Controlled Opposition
    The Neoliberal Anthem
    This Is The New Sound
    Bullshit Opportunities
    The Ranks Of The Masses Rising
    Turn A Blind Eye
    Broken Bones
    I Don't Wanna
    Nothing Recedes Like Progress
    The Ghosts Of Alexandria

  • The People Or The Gun Album (6/15/2009)
    Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
    The Economy Is Suffering, Let It Die
    The Gre(a)t Depression
    We Are The One
    You Are Fired (Take This Job)
    This Is The First Night
    No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep?)
    When All The Lights Go Out
    On Independence Day
    The Old Guard
    Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy

  • The Bright Lights Of America Album (4/1/2008)
    Caution To The Wind
    Go West
    Good 'n' Ready
    If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How To Lie)
    No Warning
    Shadow Of The Dead
    Spit In The Face
    Tar And Sagebrush
    The Bright Lights Of America
    The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid)
    The Modern Rome Burning
    The Smartest Bomb
    We Are The Lost
    What About The Lonely?

  • A Benefit For Victims Of Violent Crime Album (10/2/2007)
    No Paradise
    Oh, Katrina (Interlude)
    No Future
    Anthem For The New Millennium Generation
    Corporate Rock Still Sucks
    John Ashcroft Was A Nazi (Interlude)
    Marc Defiant
    No Borders, No Nations (Live)
    1 Trillion Dollar$ (Live)
    Turncoat (Live)
    The Project For A New American Century (Live)
    911 For Peace (Live)

  • For Blood And Empire Album (3/21/2006)
  • The Terror State Album (10/21/2003)
  • Terror State Album (10/21/2003)
  • BYO Split Series, Vol. IV (Anti-Flag/Bouncing Souls) Album (9/3/2002)
  • Mobilize Album (4/16/2002)
  • Underground Network Album (4/16/2001)
  • A New Kind Of Army Album (4/16/1999)
  • Their System Doesn't Work For You Album (5/1/1998)
  • North America Sucks Album (4/16/1998)
  • Die for the Government Album (4/16/1996)

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    Anti-Flag YEAH!!!! | Reviewer: calandra
        ------ About the album Terror State performed by Anti-Flag

    This album is the best album done by anti-flag i love the song Post-War Breakout it's the best i juss love it

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