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Pansy Division Anthem Lyrics

Last updated: 03/27/2001 01:26:24 AM

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We´re here to tell you, ya better make way
We´re queer rockers in your face today
We can´t relate to Judy Garland
It´s a new generation of music calling
We´re the buttfuckers of rock & roll
we wanna sock it to your hole
With loud guitars, we´re gay and proud
We gonna get ya with your pants down
Closeted rockers, we´ve heard of a few
They won´t risk their careers to come out to you
We have no such deceptions, no such ploys
We make it clear we wanna sleep with boys
We´re buttfuckers of rock & roll
we wanna sock it to your hole
We don´t care if you´re top or bottom
Just use your butthole, everyone´s got 'em
We do love rock & roll, it´s true
But that boy-meets-girl stuff just won´t do
We got condoms, got our lube
We know how to use 'em, how 'bout you?
We are the buttfuckers of rock & roll
We wanna sock it to your hole
Latino, Asian, white, or black
We´re gonna getcha on your back

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