Anthem Lights Albums

  • Escape Album (9/1/2014)
    Just Fall
    Run Away
    Best Thing
    Give Me A Lifetime

  • Simple Little Christmas Album (11/19/2013)
    Nothing Like Christmas
    O Holy Night
    Simple Little Christmas
    All I Want For Christmas
    Grown-Up Christmas List

  • Anthem Lights Album (5/10/2011)
    Can't Shut Up
    I Wanna Know You Like That
    Can't Get Over You
    Outta My Mind
    Freedom Into Slavery
    Where The Light Is

  • You Have My Heart Album (5/10/2011)
    You Have My Heart
    Follow Your Heart
    The Unknown
    Fight Forever
    Turn Around
    That's What I'm Looking For
    Light For You
    Coming Home
    Hide Your Love Away
    Closer Than The Angels
    Help You Stand
    Dear Hollywood

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