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Camel Another Night Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2014 08:19:55 PM

Another Night
Dark clouds before our eyes
Can't face the morning skies
Day comes a day too soon
I'm waiting for that silver moon

Maybe I'm wrong
But I'm feeling like another night
Would make it alright

Twilight is fading through
Seems like I'm fading too
How can I believe it's real
When nothing starts to stop this wheel?

Andrew Latimer: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Peter Bardens: Organ, Synthesizer
Doug Ferguson: Bass
Andy Ward: Drums

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Another Night | Reviewer: T-Bone | 4/16/14

You'll want to play this one "another" time. Fantastic interplay between the guitar and organ, with a driving rhythm section to punch the whole thing home. Haunting vocals match the dark yet driving tone of the song. My favorite Camel song.