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James Taylor Another Grey Morning Lyrics

Last updated: 01/06/2013 09:24:46 AM

When I feel as though my love is sinking down
The sun doesn't want to shine
When it feels like she won't face another day
Life is unkind
She's frozen in time

And here comes another grey morning
A not so good morning after all
She says "well, what am I to do today
With too much time and so much sorrow"

She hears the baby waking up downstairs
She hears the foghorn calling out across the sound
Repetition in the morning air
Is just too much to bear
And no one seems to care
If another day goes creeping by
Empty and ashamed
Like an old unwanted memory
That no one will claim
The clouds with their heads on the ground
She's gonna have to come down

She said "move me, move me
I'm locked up inside"
Well, I didn't understand her
Though God knows I tried
She said "make me angry
Or just make me cry
But no more grey mornings
I think I'd rather die"

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What This Song Means To Me | Reviewer: Blanket | 1/6/13

It's about a tender man that loves a woman. She is not sad, nor is she happy. She's stuck in the greys of life's rainbow. Somewhere between black and white. Not red hot angry, or yellow sun happy, not black cold, or shining white. She's felt a hollow void, day after day for a very long time. She has lost her ability to feel. She can't laugh, she can't cry. Emotionless grey days, one after the other. So, in a desperate attempt to turn her emotional switch back on, she begs him to "move her" somehow, because she's "locked up inside". And even though he's a kind and gentle man that loves her very much and would never want to be the reason for her tears or anger, she begs him to make her "angry" or just make her "cry"... somehow, even if it risks their relationship, because like a broken elevator, she can't go up or down. She's stuck, and hopes he can unlock her emotions. She's willing to hit rock bottom and be very sad or very angry at him (for nothing of his own choosing,) just to feel something, anything, on life's emotional meter. Thinking that if she can feel sad or angry enough to cry again, she has a chance at feeling happy or glad, and can learn to laugh and smile again. Otherwise, she's reached the point that the grey days are so mind numbing, she can't look forward to anymore tomorrows.

A Classic James Taylor Song | Reviewer: Susanne | 1/6/13

Very Pretty, very well orchestrated, very good use of vocals and instrument ranges with a soothing melody that is dancing and intertwined with a difficult situation. Beautifully done. It might not be every-body's cup of tea. Especially if you never been there. But it's a beautifully done masterpiece to many. Sometimes you have to have the blues really bad to really know what happiness is.