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James Taylor Another Day Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2009 11:00:00 AM

Oh, wake up Susie
Put your shoes on
And walk with me into this light, ooh,
Finally this morning
I'm feeling whole again
It was a hell of a night

Just to be with you by my side
Just to have you near in my sight
Just to walk a while in this light
Just to know that life goes on

Wake up Susie
Put your shoes on
Walk with me into this light

Another night has gone
Life goes on
Another dawn is breaking
Turn and face the sun
One by one the world outside is waking

Morning light has driven away
All the shadows that hide your way
And night has given away
To the promise of another day

Another day
Another chance that we may
Finally find our way
Another day

Old sundown's begun
To melt all our fears away
Another day
Another day

Oh, wake up Susie
Put your shoes on
Walk with me into this light.

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Buddhist influence in James' later music... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

In the past 10 years or more I've notice a great deal of Buddhist inspiration in his music. "Another Day" to me, as hints of the buddhist idea of living precisely in the moment. Other songs, like "Frozen Man" to me can be interpreted as a metaphore for reincarnation, and the suffering inherent in the "birth and rebirth cycle". Still other songs that explore this theme of life and death and release from the cycle of "wandering" through seemingly endless physical reincarnations ('samsara' is the Sanskrit term for this) listen closely to the lyrics of "Enough to be on your way", and "Carry me on my way".