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Everything But The Girl Another Day Another Dollar Lyrics

Last updated: 09/24/2007 12:00:00 PM

I went up to the Hollywood Hills
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.
I thought this is no place for me
You can dream what you like this is not my history.

This is the place where stars have died.
This is the place where madmen reside.
There's a drunk shouting about who must die.
What the hell do I know about this life

Oh get me on the next plane home, London. All is forgiven.
Two weeks shaking hands with fools
Well, what a way to earn a living.

I went out to see Marilyn's grave
Stuck in a wall and they didn't even know her name.
There's just a stone in the vault of the sky.
Lay me down below mountains when I die.

Now get me on the next plane home, London. All is forgiven.
This place don't shine, never did and
It's no place to earn a living.

When the top dogs send for me I won't cry.
Though they show me their teeth.
My ground I stand, I got my plane ticket in my other hand.

So the next day I flew home.
No one had noticed I had been gone.
Tinsel-town you lost your bet but taught me something I won't forget
Now I'm home, London.

I'll never bother with a place who's motto is:
Another Day, Another Dollar.
Another Day, Another Dollar.
The ? lead and the president follows...