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Anorexia Nervosa Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 11:21:18 PM

Anorexia Nervosa is a band that Ive never even heard of, let alone heard up until about 1 week ago when i read a few reviews on their older album 'Drudenhaus' and decided to check them out for myself. The only album available to me was their latest 'New Obscurantis Order' i took the punt and bought it!

I was not disappointed after the album came to a close. In fact, i replayed the entire thing, still in a daze at what my ears where being assaulted with! Hyper speed, plenty of agression, huge orchestrations and Keys, fat guitars, one of the most raw voices in black metal ive ever heard are all being thrown at you in one of the most intense releases (in my opinion) in black metal to date.

Granted that this style has been done a million times before, its never been done this well. The production of the album is also a point winner for this disc, with one of the fatest, thickly produced sounds. Its all good! Its an album that has set new standards in this genre, and I think they'll take a while to be met.

I dont particularly want to draw comparisons, but if i were to do it (not saying that i am, but if i were...) id probably say its a nice little blend of Dimmu Borgirs technicality and melodic nature (Puritanical era...), and Dark Funerals speed, aggression and satanic atmosphere.

After the first minute of the blistering 1st track "Mother Anorexia", you know that your gunna enjoy this one already. Haunting, orchestral keyboards open followed by a killer blasting of that black metal goodness. This album is relentless in its attack, even when its slows tempo its still pounding you about the face with intensity. Other standout tracks include "Black Death, Nonetheless", "Stabat Mater Dolor" and the brilliant closing track "Ordo ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion"

While all instruments on this album are spectacular in performance and sound, I think that special mention should be given to the drumming talents of Nilcas Vant, this guy is awesome! Also vocalist Mr. Hreidmarr deserves a pat on the back for a great performance also, its nice to hear a vocalist that actually stands apart form others in black metal these days.

Well, if you've come this far in reading this review, there is only one thing left for you to do.... get this CD!