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J. Moss Anointing Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Eyes have never seen
Minds have never dreamed
Thoughts have never conjured up
Man tries to dress it up
But I know what it is
I know what it is
It's the anointing
It's the anointing

Books try to explain
Movies try to portray
Novelties dress it up
Documentaries mess it up
But I know what it is
I know what it is
It's the anointing, the anointing

In a world where doubting faith
Is running at an all-time high
Lord equip me with more
More of Your power from on high

Surround me with your anointing
Endow me with your anointing
Douse me with your anointing
Your anointing
As I come and I go
Use me as I flow in your anointing

Mountains can be moved
And demons removed
Blinded eyes opened up
And diseases can be cleared up
Does anybody know what it is
That anointing

[Chorus x2]

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