Annie Lennox Lyrics

Annie Lennox
BORN: December 25, 1954

Annie Lennox was born in Scotland on December 25, 1954.
Annie's musical interest was evident to her parent from the
time she was three years old, which ultimately led her to
the Royal Academy of Music in London to study the flute.
Although Annie's debut LP wasn't released until 1992, Annie
is no stranger to musical success. Annie was one-half of
the 1980's super duo, Eurythmics. While living in London,
Annie met guitarist Dave Stewart and joined a band named
The Tourists who gained marginal More...

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Review about Annie Lennox songs
Astonishing and amazing | Reviewer: liselotte
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

It is the only song that can make me cry every single time I listen to it. Though I have been a LOTR fan for 7 years I only noticed this song recently and beats every song I have heard for the past 19 years. The lyrics are wonderfull and it is perfomed with so much emotion and it connects brilliantly to the movie. Thanks Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Howard Shore and Annie Lennox!

Breathtaking | Reviewer: Gillete
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

What an amazing song!
I'm a 33 yr old man who doesn't get emotional but after hearing this song after watching TROTK I just burst into tears.
Such a powerful & emotional song, not only in hearing but reading the words.
Thank you Annie Lennox & Peter Jackson , I can't describe how much this song moves me and its one ill be telling my family to play at my funeral one day

no words | Reviewer: umyra
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

In my opinion, there are no words to describe how this song touches someone. You cry and feel joy at the same time. I am in agreement with almost of you. .. this song is priceless.

competition with "tears in heaven" for most popular funeral song | Reviewer: LeeAnn W
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

Tacky tho' my title may be, This is one of the most moving songs I have ever heard in 64 years of serious music listening. Those it makes sad because they want to "go" to Middle earth might just apply what they would do "there" to their lives "here", in the earth we have. Yes, I intend to have this song at my passing ceremonies-I believe its imagery is the truth. Perhaps this is why it touches so many, so deeply-we recognize the comfort and hope that is to come. Not preaching; just comfort.

The songs moves me from sadness into living hope | Reviewer: Bassam Bannoura
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

I confess that as a man in his mid fifties, the words of "Into the West" moves my whole being. I just love to listen again and again to the message of hope contained in the lyrics. And yes, I know that sooner or later I will pass away, but still I know that I will live forever with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know for sure that I will spend eternity at the white shores with my beloved once, and that is a joy. I have already ask my wife and four children to play this song on my funeral.

So relatable | Reviewer: Robin
    ------ About the song Why performed by Annie Lennox

I wanted to say that I relate to this song SO very much right now. After 9 years together and a marriage of 3 1/2 years, my relationship is destroyed due to alcoholism. This song has always gotten to me...but now, it's like it sings to me. Especially:

And this is how I feel
Do you know how I feel ?
'cause i don't think you know how I feel
I don't think you know what I feel

It actually makes me cry. It's so powerful.

Cryin' without reason | Reviewer: Adélaïde
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

I had never paid attention to the lyrics, but I used to listen and listen again this song... I was crying without knowing why.
I understand now... To my mind, it is about love, and death, and heaven. It is about a world wich doesn't exist but wich I am waiting for...
I would like to be part of this world. I wish the ships... To carry me home.

Hauntinly powerful | Reviewer: Kristen
    ------ About the song Why performed by Annie Lennox

My x and i luv this song.We were together for 9 yrs and he was soon after diagnosed with bipolar after being wrongly diagnosed for years. He tried to suicide a couple of times when we were together.
He has had gambling problems all of his life and is now on a disability pension and has diabetes as well. He is not exactly great partner material, but i connect with him like no one else and feel like i could well be on my own for the rest of my life and maybe there is no one else out there for me. We have been split up for two years now, but i can't connect with anyone like i do with him and he is a lost soul and would be back with me if he could and doesn't seem interested in meeting anyone.
This song is so powerful and and captures the achingly painful truth of a broken relationship. Annie is luminous and astonishingly vulnerable in this hauntingly sad song.One of my favourite singers of all time.......this song has always made me feel like crying.

SIP (sleep in peace) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox

When ever I hear this I always think of my friend who recently died. She was only nine but lived her short life to the fullest. Her smile brightened up everyone and never thought about her pain. She died with a smile and I hope we will sometime meet beyond the great sea, into the Grey Havens and possible jump on beds again :)
SIP Lilly

One of the greatest singers ever. | Reviewer: Bill
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Annie Lennox

Not many vocalists of this caliber exist. Annie Lennox sings not only the lead vocals in her recordings, but also many of the harmony vocals. Just an incredible voice. Never tire of listening to her.

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