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Muse Animals Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2014 06:59:48 AM

You're an animal
Don't take anything less

Out of control
Strike those in distress

Bend more rules
Buy yourself an island

We're animals
Buy when blood is on the street

Out of control
We're out of control
Crush those who beg at your feet
Spread out
Kill the competition
Buy yourself an ocean

Lay off
Kill yourself
Come on and do use all a favour

(Wall Street trading floor samples)

Thanks to Marshal Chord for submitting Animals Lyrics.
Release date: September 17.

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True | Reviewer: Jono | 1/10/14

This is a great song as in the lyrics it is pointing out the global marketers, as the controllers and money feeding group wanting nothing. Instead the sole need to corrupt the economy and win power.

pertamax | Reviewer: reyasem | 10/28/12

my favorite song in the 2nd law. The lyric is just true,it's a mockery of the business world. They even add the wall street thingy at the end,which confuse me,Is that a real recording of wall street? This is what makes me love muse. When the other band/singer only sang love song,muse tend to be more free in theme.