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Angry Samoans Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2013 07:55:41 PM

Cliff Notes style Abbreviated Hype Designed to be Readily Assimilated by Egomaniacal Journalists written by the Cynical Label Publicist

Their songs have been covered by the likes of Foo Fighters, Mudhoney, and the Muffs;their style and attitude often copied but never equaled. The stormy career of the Angry Samoans is checkered with in-fighting, savage accusations, harsh denials, radio banishment, critical acclaim, public hostility, and extremely bizarre career decisions. Through it all, the band is responsible for a catalog of punk rock classics, notable for such songs as "Right Side of My Mind," "Gas Chamber," "My Old Man's a Fatso," and "Lights Out." Formed by rock critics who where schooled by Richard Meltzer and Lester Bangs, the Samoans have always balanced witty and incisive commentary with an inexcusable political and social incorrectness bordering on retardation. It's a tough act, the Samoans choose to do it.

Returning to the punk roots that made them both loved and hated, The 90's Suck and So do You combines the ferocious tempo and punk simplicity that fueled their early masterpieces Inside My Brain and Back From Samoa with a pop punk sensibility ala the Ramones. Short, simple and fun is the rule of the day with this new collection of fab Samoan tunes.

Metal Mike's Somewhat Romanticized Version

1978: For some people it meant airwaves clogged up with Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and disco. In L.A., a different kind of thing was going on. Formed in a sweltering garage in Van Nuys that August, the fledgling Angry Samoans achieved their career goals and then some withen two years by sharing bills with such bands as Fear, Red Cross, the Crowd, Black Flag, Rhino 39, and the Circle Jerks, not to mention the Zeros, Shock, and Eddie and the Subtitles or sharing space at the infamous Wilshire Fine Arts with the Bags, the Go-Gos, and the Love Butchers. "To get a cool band going and play with other cool bands-that was the absolute ultimate goal."

To prove that they really existed, the Samoans went on to make four albums, Inside My Brain (1980), Back From Samoa (1982), Yesterday Started Tomorrow (1987), STP not LSD (1989), a 1979-lineup live album live ar Rhino (1991), and the 1994 43-cut collection the Unboxed Set, and current ongoing recordings on Bad TRip Records/Triple X.

One of the few bands left spanning all three decades of West Coast punk rock 1977-1999, the Samoans, as always, have no message, no reason d'atire, no explanation or rationalization.

Politically incorrect before politically incorrect was cool (and a TV show) - Author Unknown, Metal Mike found on-line

Strongest Album: The Unboxed Set. One disk contains everything the band ever recorded in the studio. Weakest Album: See Above.

They took their smirks from the Dictators and Blue Oyster Cult while presaging the likes of the Dead Milkmen and the Beastie Boys, and were musically tighter, catchier, and genuinely deranged than any of the above. The Angry Samoans are the most offensive and disgusting band you'll probably ever like.Founded in 1978 by a couple of screwed up Arkansas brothers who moved out to L.A. to become part of the burgeoning punk scene, they found a couple of like-minded locals and became the most obnoxious and hated band in the scene, which says a lot. They released a song insulting KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, who unfortunatley had a lot of clout and power and got the Samoans banned from every important club in L.A. Which meant that the Samoans weren't featured in the otherwise inclusive Decline of Western Civilization documentary, and is likely the reason you havent heard of them.

Whatever being more offensive thab Fear and tighter than the Circle Jerks (and writting better words than the Germs), the Samoans stood head and shoulders above their contemporaries (except for X and Black Flag, of course), as one of the rare worthwhile punk bands to emerge from L.A. Musically the Samoans took standard metallized riffs and triple-timed them for something called "hardcore," only clear, distinct, and catchy as opposed to the simplistic thudda-thudda-thudda of most hardcore morons. What the Samoans originally set out to do, given their relative age (Metal Mike Saunders was 26!) was to recreate '60s garage punk for the modern age.

This worked out brilliantly on the first two records, but became a mistake for the last two, which abandoned '80s punk altogether for a literal take on '60s punk. And there's the lyrics. It helps to, um "appreciate" the Samoans' "Irony" if you're a straight white male like myself-everyone else should avoid if your sensitive, 'cause you will definitely be offended in many sundry and various manners. Especially if you're a girl (the cover of their first EP is of a girl with an ax splitting her head open), and even more if you're a ...homosexual. These guys' repeated obsession with "pathetic male queers" and "faggots" leaves a really bad after taste in these more tolerant times. It begs the question- Are these guys in denial? Naw, probably not; more than likely, they're just assholes who can't get lais 'cause they treat girls like shit, and so they get pissed off and take it out on the gays, which is one of the traditional ways most young males with their heads up their asses deal with their sexual frustration.

The Samoans disturb me more than G.G. Allin or the Meatment because I actually enjoy the Samoans' records. There's no way getting around it-Your going to have to justify to yourself pogoing to "tunes" this hatefilledand offensive. But good rock and roll ought to disturb you, and if you insist on music with a "positive message," go listen to Natalie Merchant. The Samoans were garbage rock of Lester Bangs' depraved dreams, full of everything in the world 'cause it was just there to be hated. The Samoans were a joke band, but one of those dark, sick jokes that make you feel uncomfortable about yourself for falling on the floor laughing at it. There's a little Angry Samoans inside each and every one of us...