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The complete history of the band are being re-writted and
will be on the site soon. By this time, read the
announcement of the new lineup

Vocalist Edu Falaschi, drummer Aquiles Priester, and
bassist Felipe Andreoli have joined founding members,
guitarists and main songwriters Kiko Loureiro and Rafael
Bittencourt to complete the new lineup of Angra.

The band is currently going through a very fruitful
songwriting period. There are several new tracks already
completed, plus many others being finalized. The five-piece
has just recorded More...

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Review about Angra songs
Too Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Late Redemption performed by Angra

Oh my god! That music, and those lyrics... they all match too well! It´s an awesomely ritmic music, and the mix with portuguese turned it into a real masterpiece! It swiftly escalated throught my list of favorite songs.

yeah | Reviewer: Rony A. D.
    ------ About the song Carry On performed by Angra

The first I heard this song I feel in love with it. I was about twelve, it's been several years and I still find myself listening to this song from tone to time(right now fit example)

It's very easy to get into and well most of Angras songs are all masterpieces. Tha

nks for the lyrics, yahh.

Life | Reviewer: Fred Vert
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Angra

Its come to the point in my life when I hear people applying shit music to there life and saying it represents them (by that I mean music like 2chains), when there is great music like this out there that is more of a depiction of everyone's current life AND is far superior in many ways!

Reply to first comment | Reviewer: AnonymousGuy
    ------ About the song Metal Icarus performed by Angra

Great comment AnonymousDude, thanks for sharing! I guess these lyrics really apply to you, this song and heavy metal then?
First time I met you I wanted
To be by your side
And let my hair grow long

Although by your comment I'm not sure if you still listen to rock or some other 'heavier music'.. Stay heavy and best of luck! :D

Good and simple | Reviewer: Arguedas
    ------ About the song Carry On performed by Angra

What else can you say?

The lyrics are pretty simple and straight forward. The music is amazing and is very fitting. Their songs are pretty unique if you ask me. But lyrics are a big part. I wish they played this type of music on the radio when I tune in to rock. This here is solid.

i want dead | Reviewer: ANOOP RAJ D
    ------ About the song No Pain For The Dead performed by Angra

i dont like my life ,iam loss the money 4 my famiely
no use in any body, why ican i live ,iam go 4 hell
god bless my famiely ,dont feel 4 me mom ,dad ,sisters,brothers ,and my all friends , keep enjoy
bye bye bye.................

Glory for the great attitude song | Reviewer: KingOfSpades7-4-13
    ------ About the song Nothing to Say performed by Angra

-Weapons up, never surrender! There is the spirit of a great song. Someone might see some pacifistic elements in this piece of music, but it's very clear that warrior should always acknowledge these facts that manifest themselves in this musical masterpiece - DIGGING THE GRAVE OF MY CONSCIENCE - Aint that the truth that every soldier must understand before he can accept the inevitable necessity of waging a war? - THE HOPE HIDDEN BEHIND THE HORROR - Aint it the best place for hope to hide in battle situation? THE LOVE RISING UP FROM THE SORROW - Aint love eventually the final destination of every soul to head for?... Even though it might be the fighters spirit? LIVING FOREVERMORE - NOTHING TO SAY! - Should a proud warrior say something after he has survived from hellish massacre and has returned victoriously back to home? No he should not! There should only be one humble but still strong silent obeisance for The Lord Of Destiny! ... and then there wont be nothing to say.

Heroes of the sand | Reviewer: Gabs
    ------ About the song Heroes Of Sand performed by Angra

I first heard this sing back in 2002, and listening to it again I relaized this one is one of those songs that stands the test of time. There really is no going wrong with this song.The lyrics are faithful to Angra's musical style, the vocals are powerful and their sound returned to the melodic characteristic Angra style, following those power cords, in this 2001 song from the album "REBIRTH".Heores of the sand is deffenetely a song that, if you have never heard of Angra before, will enjoy; and for those who like Angra, this song is no dissapointment at all. After u check this one out, check Nova Era (if u haven't yet), great song too!!!

AWSOME!!! | Reviewer: rony d
    ------ About the song Bleeding Heart performed by Angra

i got heart broken..and well i listened to this song,it really made me cry,and well not sure what the lyrics are about..but i'll find out,this song made me feel better also ^_^and its just nice,i cant compare any other songs to it

Edu Rocks! | Reviewer: Christian Taboada
    ------ About the song Bleeding Heart performed by Angra

Edu Rocks!!! Mattos has a higher vocal range but almost always sounds like a girl. Mattos is incredibly good but in wuthering heights for examples he sings like a girl because he wants to show he's above all in vocal range. Russel Allen, Edu Falaschi, Bruce Dickinson, Tobias Sammet are among the best vocals for me! I've heard thousands of bands like Sonata Artica, Dream Theater, Simphony X and Angra is the best of all!!

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