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"I decided I had to get fearless," says Angie Aparo. "I
realized that if
you’re truly an artist, whether you’re Woody Guthrie or a
medieval minstrel,

you’ve simply got to communicate. It’s in those moments
that you’re really alive. Communicating, creating - that’s
what I have to do." With characteristic intensity, the
singer/songwriter/guitarist is talking about the
soul-searching behind his remarkable Melisma/Arista debut,
The merican. Aparo’s songs are urgent and inspiring, and
capture the full breadth of human emotion. They are More...

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Review about Angie Aparo songs

This is just a song to pay the rent | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spaceship performed by Angie Aparo

The "meaning" behind the song is Angie Aparo's proof that you can sing a catchy song that is complete nonsense, have commercial radio play it because it is so catchy, and receive some nice royalties off of it so the rent can be paid.
The song is very, very catchy. But in terms of "meaning" it is almost a protest song against the lack of substance that a lot of popular music has these days. Listen to "Memphis City Rain" by Angie Aparo for a deeper tune about the power of the sun.

The sun sings to us | Reviewer: ryan
    ------ About the song Memphis City Rain performed by Angie Aparo

This song is a message from the sun to us human beings, saying "Follow me. Stop waging wars over fossil fuels. There is an answer to all of your energy needs if you just make the choice not to depend upon Big Oil to keep you locked into its dirty technology."
The sun's distance is the reason why there is life on Earth in the first place. Let's wake up and tap into that (slowly happening now, thankfully, but only because our planet is starting to become very sick)

Excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Third Time Around performed by Angie Aparo

Angie Aparo is one of the best kept secrets in pop music. This is a great song.

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