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Anggun Cipta Sasmi - a name surely inscribed somewhere on a
golden gateway to the East, along with a prediction that
someday all of us will know the story of this "grace born
out of a dream" - a story that began in Jakarta, Indonesia
on April 29th, 1974. Anggun is a woman with music woven
into every strand of her being, a Javanese princess rocked
to sleep as an infant by her mother crooning ancient folk
songs, with Elvis as counterpoint.

In the exotic land of Anggun's birth, people live to sing -
or sing to live - and by the age of More...

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Review about Anggun songs

yes.................. juste avant toi | Reviewer: macbeth
    ------ About the song Juste Avant Toi performed by Anggun

great....many times sing it in french and english too...finally it express our soul. thanks for her who could reflection her fans soul and minds thus make it her song eternally sense,I think finding she sings her song in many language by you tube, always same emotion, passion, body language she shows.......very impresive

amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Juste Avant Toi performed by Anggun

great song! it's just...superbe, marveilleuse(it writes like that, right?)! using french to describe a french song :D and I strongly recommend, search on youtube the remix of this song. it's even greater!

Awsome Version for Undress Me | Reviewer: NRPC
    ------ About the song C'est Ecrit performed by Anggun

I think If all version of Anggun song merge in one album, I'm the first one to buy that album

holla | Reviewer: uwlly
    ------ About the song Saviour performed by Anggun

i just love to sing a song one of that song is this song

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