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(I want no one to escape)
I hear the footsteps going by,
Watching myself slowly die,
Sharp pains impaling through my heart,
Slowly tearing me apart...

One minute you're an angel fallen from grace.
Next, the fix that I hate.
Pick me up from the gutter with a gentle kiss,
Then rips out my heart to show me, how black it is!

You're no good...
it feels so cold...
Yet I won't turn back.
I’ll die alone.

I hear the footsteps walking by.
Watching myself slowly die.
Sharp pains impaling through my heart,
Slowly tearing me apart...

When you appear as an angel,
Knocking me down, looking my way.
Could you ever kill the pain in my heart?
Even though they say angels don’t kill.

F**k no...
You're no good...
it feels so cold...
Yet I won't turn back.
I’ll die alone.
You're no good...
it feels so cold...
Yet I won't turn back.
I’ll die alone.

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Love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/13

This is a very good song, like it a lot. COB are one of my favourite bands. And this one also has good lyrics, not all their lyrics are that great but some of them are good, these for example.

disagreed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/11

about the review of antonio haala : when u hear a band for the first time it really doesnt matter what genre they are as long as u like their music, but as far is "it doesnt matter at ALL", those are words of a moron... genre is a very important thing in music! it determinate's what style' rythem and the general topic of the lyrics' without genres u could have said that lady gaga is extreme hard core music while gorgoroth is a poppty music... it also shows how much u know about music, how u can find the little things that makes a VERY VERY BIG difference.. and on top of all, if u like one band of a genre, ull probably like other bands of the same genre, i like in flames very much, and my friend told me that cob are also a great MELODIC DEATH METAL of somekind (cuz there a bit power and all) and i LOVED their sound. so the so called "fight", more like discussion of which genre cob belongs to is very relevant and right. i think they're a lighter version of melodeath, maybe like some ppl said before my : technical melodic death metal

cob review | Reviewer: clem070605 | 4/2/11

cob are a band with mixed styles. They are mostly melodic death metal, however, they have similarities with power metal and symphonic black metal. More recently they have even sounded kind of extreme thrash. Not forgetting in the early days with their neo-classical sound. Theres no exact way to define them but i think technical melodic death metal is as close as anyone is gonna get.

what i think. | Reviewer: Hector | 2/11/11

Cob is one of my fav bands out there. i like this song cause i think its more like a break up song, pain attention to the lyrics and try to compare your breakups. idk, im heartbroken as hell, and this song kinda helps out.

Agreed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/10

I agree with Antonio Haala... i listen to a large variety of music... from the punk of rise against to the black metal of emperor.... it doesnt matter what the hell the genre is as long as you like the music. And COB kicks ass!!!!

Still dnt get it.. | Reviewer: bAktiAr | 9/15/10

I do not understand why ppl keep saying that thz iz the wrse creation of cob eva made bcoz itz kidda slow.. Does really the speed iz so importnt whn u got such melody in it!!? Wndr why ppl keep saying dat..
| I love this song watsoeva.. :-P

I'm Lucky :D | Reviewer: Megan | 8/1/10

Dude, without lyrics I would feel lost, I can never understand ANY lyrics, no matter what the band is! And if I don't know the words I feel left out because I can only do my little air guitar, :D Thanks to this, I can do air guitar, air drums, air bass, air keyboard, and air microphone to this amazing COB song xD

This has to be said | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/10

COB is an effin riot of a band! alexi's vocals go perfectly with their style. They have epic riffs and solos and litsening to them; their music is like a comet: beauty with raw destructive power! Always have awesome lyrics too.

Angels Don't Kill >:) | Reviewer: Ready For Salvation | 1/16/10

This song just rocks your socks of :D!
Gotta love it!

Just for the genre debate going on: CoB is Melodic Death Metal in general (meaning: they have songs that may qualify for a different genre, but most are Melodic Death). The vocals are Death, the instrumentals are not entirely death but more melodic than most Death Metal bands, that's why we call it Melodic Death Metal.

For those who think the vocals are more like black metal: black metal vocals are generally higher pitched and harder to understand. And I know it because I'm disgusted by most black metal songs because of the vocals.

Anyway: stop debating, cause I am right and it's useless >:P just enjoy the music, regardless of the genre.

Hugs and kisses from holland!

who gives a shit... | Reviewer: Antonio Haala | 11/23/09

seriously, some of the people under the post on this song, are some of the most pompous a** holes i've ever seen. WHO CARES ABOUT THE GENRE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE THE MUSIC. jesus christ, seriously, the people that sit here and argue about this need to get a hobby or something because this is rediculous. how about people try "COB is great" or something, intsead of sitting there and arguing about whether it's "deathmetal" or "Black metal" or whatever else. anyone with ANY taste for music in general will just learn to respect all musicians regardless of what "Groups" or "Genres" our culture puts them in. that is all. PS... for the people that are still arguing about this, find a hobby or something because if you have nothing better to do other than argue about this, then you indeed need one. COB for life.

reviews | Reviewer: michaudmetal | 11/9/09

I am so tired of reviews trying to determine what type of metal a band is. Look these guys are friggen metal. I understand there is like this emometal shit but it seems to me what is obvious straight heavy metal. I think if you listen to decent metal with musicians with talent you know what i mean.

Genre | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/09

What is all this hubub about black metal and death metal? Children of Bodom is clearly a hip hop boy band, like boys to men. Pshhh, death metal, you wanna hear a good death metal band then look up 'ol Johnny Cash, now theres some real hardcore death metal! Wooo! oh, and this song is good, you know, just to review the song itself. And what the fuck does genre matter anyhow. Not like Bodom's gonna look up this website just to see what their fans think their style of music is. Jeez, what a waste. Anyway, I love you all, hugs and kisses!

.......... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

Why is this stupid debate about 'COB's genre' going on????...we need reviews about the song!!
Anyhow if u wanna know, their genre is classified as "melodeath metal" i.e. melodic death metal (u could check it anywhere)...those who r sayin dat they r not death can slap themselves!!! btw, it's obvious by their lyrics...and they r not black metal for your kind knowledge!!!
And talkin about the song, it's the best song created by them.... COB is the best \m/

blah blah blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/09

you must not know what black metal is if you think these guys are, black metal is like mayhem and immortal. not like behemoth. they are a melodic death metal band with other genres thrown in but thats the most apparent one

and the subject of the song doesnt decide the genre, you could write a death metal song bout puppies but its still be death metal

Genre Debate? | Reviewer: Victoria | 2/20/09

They're actually classified as melodic death metal as they don't have the vocals for black metal and contain melodies. (Behemoth is also considered Blackened Death Metal)

Anyway, CoB isn't kvlt enough to be black metal.

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