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Nine Inch Nails Angel Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2011 10:00:00 AM

I've tried to take this all just one step at a time,
I'd love to reason but I'll end this waver signed.
'Cause it's so lonely I feel like I have died
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye


I've felt emotions like I've never felt before
Felt such devotion that it's spilt upon the floor
Now I'm so empty there's nothing left to hide
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye

I've got to find you, and remind you how it is
My life's been shattered but inside I've found love exists
Now I'm so frightened, Im so afraid to die
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye.
Bye bye,
Bye bye.

Angel, Angel.
Now I'm so lonely, I'm so afraid to die.
'Cause I know that all the angels say goodbye
Bye bye, Angel.
Bye bye.

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This is not done by Nine Inch Nails! | Reviewer: Rhiannon Reznor =] | 12/13/2007

Yes, I'm not at all convinced that this is a Nine Inch Nails song. Some websites have labeled it an unreleased demo, but the vocalist sounding nothing like Trent proves otherwise.

This is not a song by NIN. | Reviewer: Crystal M | 11/6/2007

Please note that this song is actually done by Vinyl Sun. The singer sounds nothing like Trent R, and the lyrics sound like they came from the Backstreet Boys.