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Troubled little angel
Inconsistent flying blind most of the time
Drama queen

Preening and untangling
The feathers in her wings
Captured by her dreams
Desperatly she sings

Needy little baby
Open up you heart
Don't you think it's bad to feel
Needy little baby
Hiding deep inside
Don't you know your love can heal

Troubled little angel
Inconsistent flying blind most of the time
Don't know who to be

Always rearranging the wreckage of her life
Ever holding tight
To the hope that she'll be free

Needy little baby
Open up you're eyes
Don't you be afraid to feel
Needy little Baby
Hiding deep inside
Don't you know that love can heal

Talking to you Angel.. Angel
Deep inside of me
Talking to you Angel... Angel
One day you'll be free

Angel... Angel
Deep inside of me

Angel... Angel
One day you'll be free

One day you'll open your wings
One day you'll fly...

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Missing My Son Micheal "Duda"Griffin 7/17/90-5/16/09 | Reviewer: Loleata Griffin | 5/6/11

This song means soo much to me, it describe my son perfectly. I miss him so much and listen to it all the time or just to feel close to him. It was even one of the songs played at his funeral. Thank you Chaka for such a heartwarming song!!!

This was me 37 years ago, when I was young and innocent, no more.... | Reviewer: Mrs. Bernie Madoff | 4/29/11

I wish to GOD, that someone, somewere, would stop this hip hop crap for good. See the good music that your missing. When you all grow up, and trust me, you will grow up. Your memories will consist of, " let me lick you up and down, till you say stop", "let me play with your body baby, till you get hot". All the most vile and flithy lurics you have ever heard. You will not have the likes of the greats, like Chaka Khan, and Aretha. I can remember the 1967 riots in detroit, and riding around in my aunt Daytons car, with a small record player installed, playing 45's records, cause 8 track players, casette players, am/fm radio's and cd players weren't invented yet. And all you would hear is aretha franklin playing everywere you went, those were the good ole days. And I've been listening to chaka khan for about 35+ years, when she started out with the group "Rufus" and she was stick skinny and so was I. I love you chaka, don't ever leave us, and keep making those beautiful love songs, I play this song at least a hundred times a day, one of the most beautiful songs i have every heard, makes you cry, if your sensitive like myself, you go girl.

Thank you for such a beautiful song | Reviewer: Paula Alston | 7/17/10

Don't you know your love can heal. Those words cover so much surface. I have loved Chaka Khan ever since I was a little girl. I am hurting in my heart right now, but this song is helping me to remember to continue to love and not let the trials in this life stop me from loving and living.

Most beautiful song....EVER !!!!! | Reviewer: Wanda | 6/23/10

My all time favorite of Chaka's,my heart is so overwhelmed when i listen to this.I'm in a R&B group & this is my fave song 2 sing,i also do Sweet Thing & Everlasting Love...i just love her voice...she will alway's be #1 in my book!!!!!

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Ron | 2/7/10

Chaka I loved all your songs. The music industry needs this kind of music today. A real singer with real music. I have been a fan of yours from day one. ( Back in the days of Sweet Thing). This song is touching. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. It's a masterpiece.- Very few songs touch me in this way. You touched me on the level of a Mahalia Jackson or Patti La Belle song. I love it. Thank you Chaka.

Remarkable Song | Reviewer: Michael Johnson Jr. | 1/17/09

God Bless you Chaka Khan! This is one of my favorite songs that you have recorded on your new album. This was the last song that I let my mom hear before she passed December 17. She was only 53 but when I told her the words of the songs she was simply touched by it. You are our favorite R & B singer.

Sexyjessy | Reviewer: Jessica Hobson | 11/24/08

Oh my goodness!! This so is so beautiful. I felt like flying when I first heard it. It gave me a rush I couldn't explain. My brother even likes this song and we are the only ones in my family who think this song is incredible. You see, I felt as though I was the needy baby in this song. Man, I want cry everytime I hear it. It reminds me of when I was an innocent little girl, but now that I'm grown, there are things that have changed. Sometimes, when I am feeling lost, I can't wait to hear this song on the radio. Like everyone else I thought this song was older and I just didn't hear it before. But I was determined to find out where this beautiful song came from, so I quickly went to the internet and typed in angel and context clues. Soon after I found the lyrics and to my surprise this was a newer song by no other than chaka khan. I was so impressed. I love you chaka and keep up the good work!!

Real Impressed | Reviewer: Laronda | 9/26/08

Hi,Chaka I dont know if this is an old song or a new one but, Im truly impressed you have always been my favorite may not remember me but I knew Hassan and Kitt.But this song Angel is a Masterpiece I love it. You are God s true Angel we are Happy to see you back on the Scene.

Incredible | Reviewer: Teun | 8/2/08

I saw Chaka Khan last month in Rotterdam at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
Ita was the best performance I watched in years. What a power. She also sang this song, and since thean i'm playing it on and on. Incredible beautiful number that keeps on "growing"every time I play it.
I'm a fan!

Concert in Denmark | Reviewer: TP | 7/12/08

Yesterday Chaka sang this song, telling approx. 20.000 people in the Tivoli Gardens, that she can't remember when she wrote this song, but it's definitely one of her best performances - I saw people with tears in their eyes! Wow!

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