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Senses Fail Angel and I Lyrics

Last updated: 07/18/2010 11:00:00 AM

Looking back on all the times we strained to have,
Vacant eyes a sometimes smile.
Thinking back on all the things we almost did,
I hope you had a good time.

Angel, ever divine,
you'll never be mine.
Angel, ever divine,
You'll never be,
Never be mine.

About the pictures, that we hardly took,
I hope they come out alright.
Regarding the ring you always talked about,
I'm sure it'll fit you just fine.

Angel, ever divine,
You'll never be mine
Angel, ever divine,
You'll never be
You'll never be mine. (x2)

Just one question,
You never answered,
You never learned.
Just one question,
And your lips,
Never shaped the words. (x2)

Never the words...

Angel, ever divine,
You'll never be mine.
Angel, ever divine,
You'll never be...
You'll never be mine.
You'll never be mine. (x3)

Thanks to Sami P. for submitting Angel and I Lyrics.

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Agreed | Reviewer: Dave | 7/16/10

I have no idea who it is by although I agree it's not Senses fail. I love senses and it sounds nothing like Buddy singing or even Senses style. Although when I downloaded this song it does say it's by Senses.

Good Song | Reviewer: poohhead | 7/13/06

This is an amazing song, but I am only writing this, because, I'm pretty sure this song isn't by Senses Fail. In fact, I'm almost certain it's by a band called Time Spent Driving. Please, email me and tell me if I'm write, and if I'm wrong then my bad. Good song either way.