Angel (Sirach Charles) Lyrics

Sirach Charles, better known as Angel, is what one could
indelibly mark as a triple threat. Singer/songwriter,
multi-instrumentalist and record producer, 22 year old
Angel is quite possibly the UK Pop and R‘n’B industry’s
best kept secret.

West London bred Angel began much like many do, as a gifted
child, unquenchably enthusiastic and rather uniquely, as
one fifth of a family singing group. Known as The Charles
Family, the group consisted of Angel and his siblings:
Tahirah, Sariah, Akelle and Kassa. The young ensemble were
testament to a strong genetic musical aptitude and a More...

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Angel's Awesome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Go performed by Angel (Sirach Charles)

Angel is an amazing singer. The way he changes his tone in his voice. He's got the vocals and he has every quality which makes him a absolutely amazing singer. I love him. He's not as popular in the Music world. Not many people know him. He's song "Wonderful" reached the top of the charts and everyone was singing and dancing too it. I believe that was in 2010.I personally think "Go" is an amazing song! That has to be listened to. It makes me feel emotional and the same times it's amazingly catchy. I seriously can write a whole load for this. I seriously am a HUGE fan of him and I'd actually do anything to ever meet him. unfortunately not many people know him as a singer, they never heard of him or they just don't like him. But as I said, he's songs are amazing. And it would be great for people to actually listen to his songs because he really is trying hard<3 I love him with all my heart and wish him all the best<33

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