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Angel Haze Biography

Last updated: 07/26/2012 06:23:48 AM

Angel Haze is among a few ferocious rappers threatening the established iconography of hip-hop. The Brooklyn MC is transgressive in both her influences and content: the way those before her came up on Kanye or Nas, Haze is the product of Drake’s cultural dominance. It shows in her flow – when short of breath, both she and Drake yield to a pinched delivery – and method, as heard on this introspective, R&B-smeared EP, her fourth free release in two years. At 14 tracks, it’s more like an LP.

Born in July 1991, A newcomer to the hip hop scene, she began writing at age 11 and the idea that her captions might actually be lyrics only occurred to her somewhat recently, when a friend opened her eyes to the possibility of turning her poems into raps.