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bass solo take one.

(Bass instrumental)

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history lesson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/11

there are lots of comments about who wrote what, here's a history lesson.
Metallica started of with Lars posting a add for a singer, James Hetfeild and Lloyd Grant of Leather Charmed joined, then Hetfeild got his friend Ron Mcgovney to join. Lloyd Grant played on the Metal Massacre 1 album but was soon fired, Lars posted another add for a lead guitarist and that's how Dave Mustaine joined. Mustaine Co-wrote several songs and when he was fired Metallica changed them a bit such as changing the The Mechanix into the 4 horsemen and changing the lyrics of Jump In The Fire. The reason Ron left was because he would not contribute anything and the band treated him like crap. The way they met Cliff Burton was that they were watching a show at the Whiskey A Go Go they heard him playing Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) and the intro to For Whom The Bell Tolls. Later on Dave was fired for multiple reasons and was replaced with then Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammet, added and tweaked a few things in the songs. That's how it happened.

Unbelievable. | Reviewer: Warhart | 8/27/10

This song is epic! The first time I heard it I wanted to start playing bass.
But it is unbelievable that people are arguing if this song was Cliff or Ron. If you know anything about Metallica, you know this song (and all of Kill 'em All) was Cliff Burton. If you need verification, read the credits. As for Mustaine, he wrote stuff for just about all of Kill 'em All, and a few parts from Ride the Lightning.

Great instrumental/stupid ppl | Reviewer: Ryan | 10/14/09

i saw a vid of him playing an alternate intro for for whom the bell tolls.....its epic!!! but ya some ppl are soo stupid that one guy who said metallica needs to break up cuz of no solos is stupid. solos dont make a song and st. anger happens to be there heaviest album....not there best but a pretty good album none the less....and actually cliff burton did write this cuz its a bass solo and he is a bassist?? he wrote it when he was in his other band b4 metallica. other then that james, lars, mustaine, and burton wrote most of the stuff....when mustaine got kicked out hammett just changed little things like the song phantom lord was origionally called the mecanix and when he left hammett just changed the solo a bit

cliff is the best bass player | Reviewer: metallica fan | 2/23/09

i am reading these articales and everyone who posted somthing go get soome info about it so you what is real and not and i have 110 metallica songs and anesthesia is one of the best played by cliff and beside that is fade to black

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/08

This song is written by Cliff, it was the song he was playing when the other metallica members heard him playing when the first went to check him out, and he got the job....this was before kill em all was released. In facat Burton is the one who came up with the album title which was orgionally supposed to be Metal Up Your Ass, but the record label didnt want it so he is like Kill Em All refering to the record distributors. For the record this is one of my favorite songs of theirs.
R.I.P. Cliff

Jared is a tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/08

cliff burton joined before kill em all. Hammet was in the band for only a month before kill em' all and Hammet came after Burton because they kicked out Ron McGovney, replaced him with Burton, and then kicked out Mustaine and replaced him with Hammet. Burton wrote the bass part to this song as he was playing it before he met James and Lars and the solo to this was what convinced them to have him join the band.

FFS jarred, Cliff did plat it! | Reviewer: Bloodstainer | 10/14/07

now i'm getting pissed of when you come and tell other peoples they are stupid cus you're the one that's stupid!
Cliff didn't write it thats write but all the songs on kill em all (as they are played on kill em all when recorded) were played by cliff burton so just gp to hell there is no mustaine or ron playing on any (Studio) recorded album

Cliff didnt play it | Reviewer: Jarred | 10/3/07

Clifff wasnt part of metallica untill after kill em all which this song is from, soo u idiots u dont know anything, the best cliff song was either orion or fade to black

best F***in bass solo ever | Reviewer: dylan stagg | 8/27/07

i have got every album and i hav heard alot of bass solos but this beats every single one of them cliff was the best bassist EVER no one could match him if he were still alive and kirk past away i think things would be different metallica would or might be bigger than led zeppelin, queen,the beatles,or any other huge band around today but metallica have gone soft in their latest albums i must admit no solos i think its ready for them i hate to say it....... but for them to break up.

best bass solo ever | Reviewer: alex | 5/31/07

i am only 14 and never got to know what cliff burton was like, but since thats him, all i can say is that he was, definetly, the best bass player EVER!!!

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