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?Residences Palm Springs, CA and Branson, MO
?Birthday December 3, 1927
?Birthplace Wall Lake, Iowa
?Married Debbie (formerly Haas)
?Children 3 (1 girl, 2 boys) Noelle, Christian, and Bobby
?Siblings 3 brothers, 1 sister: Bob, Don, Dick & Jane
?Hobbies Golf: he hosted the Andy Williams San Diego Open
for 20 years.
?Pets 3 German Short-haired Pointers: Cody, Sophie, and
?Other Modern art: Andy has an incredible art collection
that features works from Picasso and Jackson Pollack.

Andy Williams began his amazing career in More...

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Submit Andy Williams New Lyrics

Review about Andy Williams songs
Errors and cpmpliments | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Exodus Song (this Land Is Mine) performed by Andy Williams

The music was written by Gold, the lyrics by Pat Boone, the song recorded by Andy Williams. It is a powerful part of the movie without the lyrics. Learning that Pat Boone wrote the strong lyrics adds to my appreciation. He caught the spirit of the film and music.

awful | Reviewer: Anonymous singer and song writer
    ------ About the song Tonight (From West Side Story) performed by Andy Williams

This isn't the full song and I think you should show when Maria and Tony come in. I'm very disappointed as a reader and singer. I hope you consider actually trying to take time and type. Thank you, wait no. Thank me.

HAUNTING BEAUTIFUL | Reviewer: Roslyn Corsey
    ------ About the song Summer Knows performed by Andy Williams

I woke up this morning with an orchestra playing this song on a classical tv program. I knew the song but I couldn't figure out where. It was so beautiful that I got up a 4:45am to hear it. On my way to work I realized I had heard this sung by one of the contestants on Star Search from the movie Summer of 42.
Just simply beautiful, beautiful. Its amazing the wonderful gifts man can bring to this world.

Battle Hymn of the RepublicTge | Reviewer: Albert Boers
    ------ About the song Battle Hymn Of The Republic performed by Andy Williams

The hymn "Battle Hymn of the Republic gezongen tgv funeral vam President J F Kennedy door zanger Andy Williams maakte een grote impressie op mijn
echtgenote en verzoccht my ddde CD op te sporen om deze te laten horen bij
haar verscheiden.

Oops a Daisy... | Reviewer: Toby JSD
    ------ About the song May Each Day performed by Andy Williams

The song was not penned by Mr. Williams as previously stated. I incorrectly assumed so when seeing his name under the title. I am very sorry for this error. That aside, everything else is absolutely true. This song is heaven on earth for me when sung by Andy Williams. His unique voice gives it a life of it's own. When you listen to him sing this, have a box of tissues near... It's the happiest cry you will ever have!

The Sweetest Song Ever Written | Reviewer: Toby JSD
    ------ About the song May Each Day performed by Andy Williams

Andy Williams has a sound like no one else in the world. When he sings this sweet song it melts my heart. I am calm all at once. Tears flow and I can barely breathe. When I was young I needed to hear him sing this song at the end of his show. It kept me going until the next week when I could hear him sing it again. Now, over four decades later, with the power of the google, I find out that he also penned these precious words. This is a beautiful man with a beautiful soul.

Andy's Rendition/"So Rare"--- 'Crowns my lady with superlatives' | Reviewer: Joe Lambert
    ------ About the song So Rare performed by Andy Williams

Andy did it for me! " She arrived from heaven, with those blossoms fair!!This is still a rendition, that puts my little lady on her rightful throne,like the angel,with one hand in heaven and the other embraceing my Heart!! "" This song is Endearing and Satisfying""JL

Haunting Song | Reviewer: Romeo de Colorado
    ------ About the song Summer Knows performed by Andy Williams

The late Johnny Carson used to shed a tear when he heard the song "I'll be Seeing You." I cry when I hear "The Summer Knows" by that musical genius Michel Legrand; not because of the sad ending of the movie "Summer of '42," but because of the sadness of the haunting melody itself.

"The Summer Knows" is the perfect musical background for walking on a deserted beach alone at sunset or with a loved one on a moonlit night. No need to talk; just walk side by side on that deserted beach in the moonlight and feel the gentle breeze as waves come into the sandy shore. A perfect song for a perfect setting.

Special | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Exodus Song (this Land Is Mine) performed by Andy Williams

This is the first "serious" song I learned to play on the piano while taking lessons as a child. I was moved then by the music an lyrics and even after all these years, I still remember most of the words.

so romantic.. | Reviewer: true love
    ------ About the song Love Story (Where Do I Begin) performed by Andy Williams

this song was so meaningfully for me.. so classic.. congratulations, andy! you're such a wonderful singer and a great composer.. you'll always belong to the world with all of your songs.. the golden age of pop songs was so rock.. i love that always..

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