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The Magnetic Fields Andrew in Drag Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2012 11:00:00 AM

A pity she does not exist
A shame he's not a fag
The only girl I'd ever loved was Andrew in drag
There is no hope of love for me
From hereon I go stag
The only girl I'll ever love is Andrew in drag

Andrew in drag
Andrew in drag
Andrew in drag, yeah

I don't know why I even went
It's really not my bag
Just thought it might be funny to see Andrew in drag
The moment he walked on the stage
My tail began to wag
Wag like a little wiener dog for Andrew in drag


I've always been a ladies' man and I don't have to brag
But I'd become a mama's boy for Andrew in drag
I'd sign away my trust fund
I would even sell the jag
If I could spend my misspent youth with Andrew in drag


So stick him in a dress and he's the only boy I'd shag
The only boy I'd anything is Andrew in drag
I'll never see that girl again
He did it as a gag
I'll pine away forevermore for Andrew in drag