Andrew Bird Albums

  • Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of... Album (6/10/2014)
    Cathedral in the Dell
    Tin Foiled
    Giant Of Illinois
    So Much Wine, Merry Christmas
    My Sister's Tiny Hands
    The Sad Milkman
    Don't Be Scared
    Frogs Singing
    Drunk By Noon
    Far From Any Road (Be My Hand)

  • Weather Systems Album (6/10/2014)
    First Song
    Action / Adventure
    Weather Systems
    Don't Be Scared

  • Hands Of Glory Album (10/30/2012)
    Three White Horses
    When That Helicopter Comes
    Railroad Bill
    Something Biblical
    If I Needed You
    Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses

  • Break It Yourself Album (3/5/2012)
    Desperation Breeds...
    Danse Caribe
    Give It Away
    Lazy Projector
    Near Death Experience Experience
    Orpheo Looks Back
    Fatal Shore
    Hole In The Ocean Floor

  • Noble Beast Album (1/20/2009)
  • Armchair Apocrypha Album (3/20/2007)
  • Fingerlings 3 Album (5/1/2006)
  • Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs Album (2/8/2005)
  • Fingerlings 2 Album (5/1/2004)
  • The Ballad of the Red Shoes Album (5/1/2002)
  • Fingerlings Album (5/1/2002)
  • The Swimming Hour Album (4/3/2001)
  • Oh! The Grandeur Album (8/24/1999)
  • Thrills Album (5/7/1998)
  • Music of Hair Album (5/1/1996)

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