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Born on September 22nd, 1958, Andrea grew up on the family
farm in Lajatico, a close knit farming community set among
the vineyards and olive groves of rural Tuscany. The farm
includes a small vineyard, from which Andrea's father,
Sandro, still produces a small quantity of "Chianti
Bocelli." Displaying rare musical gifts from an early age,
Andrea's parents nurtured and encouraged his talents with
formal piano lessons from the age of six, later learning to
play both flute and saxophone. Andrea's love of opera was
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Review about Andrea Bocelli songs
Andrea's voice | Reviewer: aynn snow
    ------ About the song Time To Say Goodbye performed by Andrea Bocelli

never fail to touch my heart, this song most esp. relaxes me and can even heal a heartache and caress one's soul to dream..
all these years this song is one of my favourites, 7 years to be exact, it brings back sweet mem'ry that it's like my first time (again) to hear this beautiful song and again unceasingly :)
can't Thank Papa GOD enough for all HIS wondrous creations, Andrea Bocelli is 1 of them xx Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

"God How Many Times Have I Searched For You!" | Reviewer: Ramona Flores
    ------ About the song Quante Volte Ti Ho Cercato performed by Andrea Bocelli

This is my favorite song of Andrea Bocelli. The first time I heard this song I wept without knowing the meaning to the song! And when I researched for translation I wept more. It was as if my soul knew the meaning before my conscience mind. This has never happened to me with any song and has made me a true fan of his music.

Dance | Reviewer: Shehab
    ------ About the song Somos Novios performed by Andrea Bocelli

I really like this song, I danced with my wife in our party while playing this song, I felt all guests gone, and we are alone and around us a mist covering the place and as if we were dancing higher in the sky. I still remember that moment. We were singing and saying the words while dancing , I and Sara felt that we are the singers.

special love | Reviewer: djahid
    ------ About the song Somos Novios performed by Andrea Bocelli

I really do love this song so much .IT reminded me that special girl That I met 02 years ago,her name is meriam feriel,she lives in my home town where I was born in the city called cherchell in Algeria.A song of the sixties somos novios ( it is impossible ) These lyrics were actually written by a Mexican gentleman named ARMANDO MANZANERO .this song makes me feel so special in many ways especially towards her.My interpretation with my personal voice takes me beyond all the frontiers to a world where nothing else really matters.a virtual existance where I am free from all the pain of not having her on my side.truly I do miss her.this song is the only platform which reunited us as a true lovers.

Dalida | Reviewer: Ali
    ------ About the song Bésame Mucho performed by Andrea Bocelli

I've heared besame mucho in French by Dalida, of course it was great but more technical and faster than other versions, I think Dalida would have sang it better if it was slower and more passionate

retro romantic | Reviewer: AJ
    ------ About the song Bésame Mucho performed by Andrea Bocelli

Bocelli possesses a similar charm to Julio Iglesias, though some may not like the comparison. i love his gentle, sultry, romantic treatment of the song that transports the listener to another romantic time and place, it seems. Of the musicians who back him deserve some credit for assisting in creating this escape! :)

Missing the point | Reviewer: Naea
    ------ About the song Con Te Partiro performed by Andrea Bocelli

Literal translations or idiomatic transliterations aside, the point that everybody seems to be missing is the double-entendre implied by the word "partiro". yes, "partire" translates to English as the infinitive verb "to leave" or "to depart", and the phrase "Con te partiro" (using the future tense of "partire") would translate as "I (will) leave/depart with you". The double entendre, the intended subtextual meaning of the word, is that the departure is NOT together. This is the sadness conveyed by the song. The singer is alone ("Quando sono solo"), dreaming of the places he would see with his love, who is not physically with him, but resides within him in his heart. His love lives within him and can take him to countries on seas that he knows no longer exist (in reality), but he is not singing to a companion who is with him, he is singing to the idea of his love. There are other doubles entendres, including the phrase "mancan le parole" which has been crudely transliterated above as "words fail", and yet this transduction misses the nuance of "mancare" which means "to lack, to be missing", as well as "parole" which means "words" but also can mean "promise(s)". Taken in this light, the song becomes a paean to love lost, yet never forgotten. The Italian audiences would immediately grasp these double meanings which are lost on foreign ears. A lovely song!

lyrics NOT by Andrea Bocelli, but by Armando Manzanero | Reviewer: Sandra Coll
    ------ About the song Somos Novios performed by Andrea Bocelli

These lyrics were actually written by a Mexican gentleman named ARMANDO MANZANERO. It was recorded in the U.S. many years ago by Perry Como and others in English as: "It's Impossible". Armando Manzanero did not get credit for writing the song until he went to court and won!! You may get sued if you continue to not give him credit as the writer.

Will always hold a special place | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Time To Say Goodbye performed by Andrea Bocelli

This song brings tears to my eyes, and my heart aches from the loveliness that this song projects!

This song has become my husband and 6-year-old daughter's song. Whenever she hears it, she runs to her daddy and holds him tight while they dance together - even if she was previously sleeping!

Beautiful! We need more music like this in the world!

Best song ever | Reviewer: Thomas
    ------ About the song Vivo Per Lei performed by Andrea Bocelli

This is the best song ever I can appreciate opera and not pop and rock crap

I am planning to have all his songs at my birthday next year

Andrea bochelli is the best singer on earth isn't he?

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