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Born and raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco,
Andre Nickatina has been a Hip-Hop/Rap luminary since the
release of his critically acclaimed debut, "The New Jim
Jones." A favorite at public venues and on college
campuses, Andre Nickatina continues to sustain a loyal
fan-base, while engaging new supporters throughout North
America. Nickatina's classic stage show combined with his
rare interviews, maintains his mystery and unique
musicianship that has spanned two decades.

The longevity of Nickatina speaks for itself. An
award-winning MC and producer (2005 Bay Area Artist More...

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song | Reviewer: sultan lee
    ------ About the song The God And The Stripper performed by Andre Nickatina

I never met a girl like you before As I closed the Cadillac door I said hi She said hello, you’re a handsome fellow I said you’re a pretty brown yellow She start to laugh She said im trying to catch a cab Its crowded downtown and I got way too many bags Her perfume had the whole block bumpin Lady can I call you or somethin? You’re fine, no frontin She said she was mendin a broken heart Her last man had it, he ripped it apart She had a mind like a scientist Break it down the god the moon the earth the sun the guns She said you can call me tonight, it’s cool I just have to work a little bit, no school Man holla back I watched her walk to the cab She rolled down the window, blew a kiss then laughed I gave a wave, thinking I wont see her for days Three hours later yo, my celly phone rang Now, watchu doing? Man watchu doin, girl i’m thinking bout you Girl I’m thinking bout you Now what we gone do? She said she’s always busy, she’s rarely home And the last few days she’s been so alone I said yo we in the same boat If we were singers on stage we’d be probably hittin the same note She had a voice like an angel And with a touch of game that’ll make some cats never say no I said we should sit and eat Because I really ain’t no telephone sex geek Man I hit the streets Then I found out she was a stripper and my mind just wouldn’t let me call her ba

my g cryed | Reviewer: amber cruz(shorty)
    ------ About the song Saw A Gangsta Cry performed by Andre Nickatina

my big bro cryed so bad cuz he was lost and dident know watz 2 do and thatz da first time i saw a gangsta cry cuz he killed a slob we kill them all day cause wit em gz we ride or die

written by. amber renea cruz shorty
west in peace
lynda thomas

LUV IT!! | Reviewer: shell
    ------ About the song Lost Hawks performed by Andre Nickatina

I love this song and think it shows deep into Nicatina's soul and Equipto, and it speaks to me directly!! I have some lyrics I MIGHT know are different, but that will be later on, I'm kinda sic right now:( SHC

Blueberry Rain | Reviewer: Bre
    ------ About the song Blueberry Rain performed by Andre Nickatina

in the section before da chorus there is a question mark in this sentence,
Tell the P.I's and ? push em all like Eddy..

it should say Tell the P.I's and those push em all like Eddy..

then another should say ..
Houses from the account breached up to the couch

Rhyme & Reagan??? | Reviewer: Drew
    ------ About the song Pitbull Terrier performed by Andre Nickatina

Every single lyrics website I've seen is incorrect... The first line of this song IS NOT "im from the era or rhyme, reagan"... Whoever wrote that is either deaf or uneducated, or possibly both. The line is "I'm from the era of Ronald Reagan"... i.e. the 80's, during the crack epidemic.

This is one a multiple mistakes in the lyrics posted.

Lovely Lyrics | Reviewer: Rose
    ------ About the song Rose performed by Andre Nickatina

This is well written...I LOVE it so so much...I had never heard of Andre and a friend of mine said listen to this song it reminds me of have this song dedicated to me is actually very very SWEET I am touched that such beautiful lyrics could remind someone of myself...LOVE YOUR STUFF have a fan for life now!

The best I've heard | Reviewer: nillor
    ------ About the song Train With No Love performed by Andre Nickatina

From rap to Hip-Hop, Andre makes people realise that there's more to Underground [Rap] then pimping women and sex. I actually like his music. But to honestly say the truth, Lil' Wayne, Three 6 mafia, and others are all fakes that don't even deserve being given awards and prizes. Andre is the real shit, his music is meaningful and good.

blueberry rain missing lines | Reviewer: Peter
    ------ About the song Blueberry Rain performed by Andre Nickatina

it seems everyone is having trouble with the lines in the first verse... The song goes..."trigonometry, you think you can handle fly girly?, It'd get the BDP"... Hope this helps because it seems like no one can figure it out but I've been listening to him since I was young and can understand him pretty well

Andrew Caryer's Reply to "Make Me None" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Morire Da Solo (Die Alone) performed by Andre Nickatina

Listen man i sat listening to this song for like an hour just trying to get these lyrics put out. I don't know them at all (I just tried to listen and write em down) it's the best I could get out of em. Nickatina's a bay legend and the only reason I did these lyrics was to get more people to listen to his tunes straight up. I guess if you got a problem with that you can go fuck yourself got it? Good. Oh yeah and if you are a personal friend of Andre tell him to do a show in Vancouver and i'll smoke a blunt with him and apologize for butchering his lyrics on the internet. Get it? Better not forget it.

Corrections | Reviewer: zach
    ------ About the song Lost Hawks performed by Andre Nickatina

Im pretty sure the lyrics are

A chronicle, 30 of Kush up in the optimo
We roll trees by the bush when we rock a show
The (bad bush),"as in bad weed, then hes gunna return it" Imma refund mine
See suckas, lay 'em down with our machine gun rhymes"

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