Anberlin Lyrics

Stephen Christian ▪ Vocals
Joeseph Milligan ▪ Guitar
Deon Rexroat ▪ Bass Guitar
Christian McAlhaney ▪ Guitar
Nathan Young ▪ Drums

When Anberlin signed to Tooth & Nail Records in the summer
of 2002, you could almost see the stars in their eyes.
Though wide-eyed awe generally accompanies a brand new,
blooming band upon being given a major green light to their
prospective career, there was something so instantly
captivating about these Florida boys that immediately made
believers of their biggest skeptics.

And with one of the most More...

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Review about Anberlin songs
been there done that | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song The Feel Good Drag performed by Anberlin

I will never forget the first time i heard this song and how the chills ran up my spine and made the hair stand on the back of my neck!this song takes me back to three different times in my life where the lyrics are on point.besides isnt that what music is all about!there isnt one person that is into music reguardless of what kind that hears a song that takes them back to a moment in life when it was heard and the memory that was far as religon go's who cares we are all pink on the inside!i will b seen these guys for the first time in santa ana oct 4th its definitly going to be a feel good drag! PEACE OUT TO ALL THAT READ

Lament | Reviewer: Matthew
    ------ About the song (*Fin) performed by Anberlin

70% of the Psalms are lament. When you look at the top 150 Christian music of today, you can see none of lament. Just happy, feel-good songs.
I challenge you to read Psalm and find a lot of "Where are You, God" stuff.
This song is clearly a lament by Anberlin.
Why do Christians always have to put on this face that they're always happy?
We all are broken. If we are perfect, obviously Jesus didn't need to die.
We're broken, that's why we need Christ. Lament should be perfectly normal for Christ-followers. God never promises us that once we follow Him our lives will never have hardships or struggles. I believe that those hardships and struggles are what make us cling to Him more.

Ahhh <3 | Reviewer: Syd
    ------ About the song Godspeed performed by Anberlin

This is by far my favorite song by them. It is so catchy, but meaningful all the same. I may be the only teenager who listens to what I've branded as "obscure emo Christian music". Love it and love them <3

This song is about Jesus | Reviewer: Slyrooster17
    ------ About the song Dismantle Repair performed by Anberlin

When you think about it and actually digest the words god breaks us down to build backup he says save me save me help me in doing so he's asking God for help and with him things are going to change now for the better. But when we hold in our sin and try to hide it, it hurts us so we ask God to help us and break us down and rebuild us to make us stronger in our faith and learn from our mistakes, great great song!! Anberlin is like Switchfoot they both aren't technically "Christian bands" but their lyrics tend to coincide with their beliefs and the lead singer of Anberlin is a Christian! :D

WHAT I THINK!!!!!! | Reviewer: peggy
    ------ About the song Alexithymia performed by Anberlin

I love this song so if anyone doesn't like then they have problems. but, a song you should really hear is "godspeed" and one of my favorite songs by an artist named Hawk Nelson "The Show" they are both Cristians so don't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You rock! | Reviewer: Jayden Williams
    ------ About the song Paperthin Hymn performed by Anberlin

You guys are mad even know i heard you yesterday your first song i heard was Papperthin hymm i lost count of how many times i kept playing it so yeah i just wanna say that you rock and keep it up. =D

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Sophie
    ------ About the song The Unwinding Cable Car performed by Anberlin

I think what does it about this song for me, 'cause normally I listen to rock or stuff with a heavy beat, is it's saying that you shouldn't give up and let go. 'Don't drop your arms' don't drop them and let go. It's telling you that you're amazing, and there's love everywhere.
I ADORE the guitar and harmonies too!

Praise Ye Lord... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Paperthin Hymn performed by Anberlin

Amazing song... Go see these guys in concert!! I just saw them on tour with Switchfoot, and every time I think back to that performance, it immediately puts me in a great mood.

Go Anberlin!!!

@frooshie | Reviewer: josh
    ------ About the song (*Fin) performed by Anberlin

i dont want to start a huge argument or any bad feelings toward each other, but what he said is very well true. Although it was a little blunt, it is true, and people need to know that. It isn't a message of hate, but the gospel. What he is doing is a form of evangelistic approach. He's just showing how we are all sinners, how we all are going to how, but that if we truly accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we will be saved. Now i see what you're saying, and it does seem a like its trying to make people turn to Christ out of fear, but its not. Anyways, hope this helps to any one :)

This song... | Reviewer: Nick A
    ------ About the song (*Fin) performed by Anberlin

As Jake said earlier, this song is special in one way or another. When i listen to this song it makes me feel happy, a different feeling to all the other bands i listen to (Parkway Drive, The Acacia Srain etc.) with Stephens angelic vocals, this song by far has the strongest lyrical meaning.

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