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Gazette Anata No Tame No Kono Inochi (I For You) (English Version) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

The pure love song sung in the month of April, in spring breeze

Introverted, i'm a shut-in,
My reserveis, my only redeeming quality
But I am not lonely, so don't concorn yourself
My poor taste in peeping at the opposite sex
Is so much fun, i can hardly contain myself.

Incomprehensible strange abusive voices, i live to the fullest everyday!
I tire of infantilism, farewell my childhood bride
I mean, if you're real after all, what's the point?
Looking through the scope by the window
How many hours has it been?
You're everything I could ever want
But when I realized you were the one, it was to late

I dont even know you, but it hurts me so
I don't understand, but I love you
It hurts, the brain, i look at you with
I don't even know your name, my girl through the lens
You don't hear me, and i'll never touch you
Because if you look this way, i'll take cover
It's such a pity, you're right there

If one day, you notice me
I'm sure you'll get scared
And probably, run away
And go mad worrying

I don't even know you, but it hurts me so.
I don't understand but i love you,
It hurts the brain, i look at you with

My unknown feelings, are getting out of the hand
I understand, but i can't stop this love.
The day you notice me, will never come
Will anyone ever love me once
That clear early morning, as always looking at you, through my lens
I can't speak, to you my love,
And i can't touch you, isn't it right?
It's all in my mind

The pure love song sung in the month of April, in the spring breeze

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