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Anastacia Newkirk was born on September 17, 1973 in New
York City. She was raised in Chicago by her mother until
the age of 14 when her parents divorced and she moved back
to the west side of Manhattan with her mother. Anastacia
says she comes from a very artistic family. Anastacia’s
mother is an actress who worked in Broadway musicals.
Anastacia’s father was a singer on the Catskills Hotel and
East coast nightclub circuits. Anastacia says she never
thought about being a singer her whole life. Anastacia
graduated from the More...

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Review about Anastacia songs
I belong to you | Reviewer: SWEETLU
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

Ever since I was a little girl I used to listen to Eros with my dad, when this song came out I was 14... Back then I used to love it as much as I do now. This is a romantic-sad song that tell us the story of this two lovers, they absolutely love each other not matter all the difficulties in their lives . I believe we all can relate to this song...Most of us have being there and done that. We all have that one lover whom make us a better version of ourselves, that one who makes our days better by just sharing a few seconds with us. No all of us appreciate them when we have them by our side and we take them for granted... To all of you out there follow your hearts, live your life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it... make mistakes but learn from them.. forgive and forget !! Be happy and be with whom makes you happy xoxo

I miss you tremendously........ | Reviewer: Sam74
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

I have never had the courage to express myself before today, but, as days, and years go by...... I miss you more, and more..... It's becoming hard to live.... Hope you get to read this one day..... And hope you will know who I am.
The best day of my life, 3/24/07. I lived my whole life in that day..... THANK YOU. Thanks, for this song, it keeps me going. You know who you are. I have made bad choices in my life.... But, the worst is, spending the rest of my life without you by my side........ I'm extremely sorry. I know I will never be able to make up to you in this life time, and I know that we'll never be together, but... I just hope you´re happy... And most of all, healthy. May all your dreams, and wishes be fulfilled with all of life's pleasures...... May god grace you with my share of life, and happiness. You're in my prayers every morning, and in my thoughts every night. Love you with all I have left...... Ti voglio bene..... Take care amore.

past | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything Burns performed by Anastacia

This song describes how i used to feel and sometimes still do. people think just kuz im a kid im supposed to not have "real problems" so no1 cared that i felt like that. but i found a way to burn all the hate and pain while my anger reigned and i still watch it all fade away. kuz its no longer here

Smiling through pain | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything Burns performed by Anastacia

I was searching through clips on youtube and I found this song. It reminds me of my past and of me right now. I actually sit a corner and cry because the only place I feel safe in my room. It reminds me of how I want to keep on smilling and singing like nothing is wrong, until my tear turn to tears of happiness and my smile becomes more than a mask.

Appart | Reviewer: Monica Resende Gomes
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

Far away from the one I love, waitting for the chance to be with him, being so loved, this song means so much to me and gives me strengh to live each day. Each day that goes by is more and more painful but, still, nearer of being together. I just pray we'll make it trought these particular difficult times...

i belong to you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.... But the worst that i´ll have to pay the rest of my live is when i lost you.. i´m really sorry, and i know that we can´t be together... but... i hope you´re happy... i belong to you forever my love.

Pain & Loneliness I left behind | Reviewer: NeD
    ------ About the song Everything Burns performed by Anastacia

3 years ago, I was really depressed & lonely, it's been a year (back then) since I changed school & I was still kinda the "new girl" in my class, I was so alone & nobody really cared, not even my family, so I simply write it all out & let it all out by listening to music, & this song was one of them. Now I'm not alone anymore. But this song'll always remind me of that dark time in my life.

beautiful agony | Reviewer: yuki
    ------ About the song Everything Burns performed by Anastacia

i can see this song clearly. the child who just watched everything happen while no one noticing her..... finally giving up all hope and snapping. im pretty sure she didnt start the fire though. ive always been that girl so im pretty certain.... "walking through life unnoticed knowing that no one cares too consumed in their masquerade no one sees her there"
yeah. that just about sums it up.

love hurts | Reviewer: xXxxSPIRITxxXx
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

this song just says it all for me ......both the english an italian parts.....the man i love more than anthing in the world , i cant be with an it hurts .... but wen i hear his voice..."WELL"... i cant be with anyone else, cause he is all i will ever want, we're both single, but out circumstances keep us apart... we never say never... so i will sit an wait for "the piece that makes me whole.... this song is very powerful an beautiful ... an i just sent it to him... didnt think i was capable of lovin anyone ever again .... but he reached in an touched my soul an I BELONG TO HIM FOREVER....

Candy | Reviewer: Beverly
    ------ About the song I Belong To You performed by Anastacia

This Song Always brings me to the memories of me & my blue eyes boy which we used to sing it in the car when he drives me back home. I never thought that we will be apart for such a long time now almost 8 months, all I can say that I still miss him so much after 6years together but I am still here waitng for him to come back. 27/4/2003 will always be the best day I had all of my life. The day when our story started.

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