Anastacia Albums

  • Resurrection Album (5/13/2014)
    Staring At The Sun
    Stupid Little Things
    I Don't Want To Be The One
    Dark White Girl
    Broken Wings
    Bonus Tracks
    The Other Side Of Crazy
    Oncoming Train
    Left Outside Alone (Part 2)

  • It's A Man's World Album (11/9/2012)
    Best Of You
    Ramble On
    Sweet Child O' Mine
    You Can't Always Get What You Want
    Back In Black
    Dream On
    Use Somebody
    You Give Love A Bad Name
    Bonus Track
    Black Hole Sun

  • Heavy Rotation Album (11/1/2008)
    I Can Feel You
    The Way I See It
    Absolutely Positively
    In Summer
    Heavy Rotation
    Same Song
    I Call It Love
    All Fall Down
    Never Gonna Love Again
    You'll Be Fine
    Beautiful Messed Up World

  • Pieces of a Dream: Best Of Album (11/7/2005)
    I'm Outta Love
    Not That Kind
    Cowboys & Kisses
    Made For Lovin' You
    Paid My Dues
    One Day In Your Life
    Why'd You Lie To Me
    You'll Never Be Alone
    Left Outside Alone
    Sick and Tired
    Welcome To My Truth
    Heavy On My Heart
    Everything Burns
    I Belong To You
    Pieces Of A Dream
    In Your Eyes
    Club Megamix

  • Anastacia Album (3/23/2004)
  • Freak of Nature Album (12/11/2001)
  • Not that Kind Album (12/1/2000)
  • I'm Outta Love Album (10/1/1999)

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