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Anastacia (born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk; September 17, 1968) is an American singer-songwriter. Anastacia has been highly successful in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and South America, but has had only minor success in her native United States. Her debut album, Not That Kind, released in 1999 which was a massive hit throughout Europe and Oceania placed her among the industry's elite. It achieved multi-platinum sales in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, was critically acclaimed by Elton John and Michael Jackson, and had the fourth biggest European single and biggest Australian single of 2000. She was awarded 'World's best-selling New Female Pop Artist' in 2001. She would go on to become one of the top selling international female popsingers of the decade with her next two albums also earning multi-platinum sales throughout Europe and Oceania.

Nicknamed 'the little lady with the big voice', Anastacia is known for her powerful soul voice, and her small stature – 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm). She was also known for her trademark glasses (often darkly tinted), but she had surgery to correct her vision permanently in August 2005. In 2005, she was recognized for worldwide sales of over 20 million records.

1968–1988: Early life and career beginnings:

Anastacia was born in Chicago, Illinois; her late father Robert Newkirk (of German descent) was a club-singer and her mother Diane Hurley (of Irish descent) an actress on Broadway. After her father (a sufferer of bipolar disorder) left the Newkirk family, they moved to New York City when she was a teenager. Then she enrolled at the Professional Children's School in Manhattan.

Anastacia was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was thirteen. The incurable bowel disease led to an operation where surgeons cut directly through her stomach muscles removing a foot of the singer's intestines, causing Anastacia to be wheelchair bound and needing to learn how to walk again. Despite her illness she soon became interested in dance. However she was frequently critiqued for being 'too large to make it in the music business'. At age 19, a diet triggered a Crohn's relapse.

Despite her ongoing health problems Anastacia continued to pursue her ambitions for the next decade. She featured in a couple of videos for American hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa in the late 80s. In 1990 she sung back-up vocals on pop star Tiffany's New Inside album. Her first claim to fame was as a dancer for hire, making regular appearances in early 90s on MTV's Club MTV. As a singer she gained her first break on BET's Comic View, singing Oleta Adams' "Get Here" in 1992. In 1993 she moved to Los Angeles to record the song One More Chance for the producer OG Pierce, it resulted however in no record deal. That same year the singer recorded a collaboration with David Morales called "Forever Luv", again however Anasatcia failed to get a record deal. Throughout the mid 90s although producers claimed to be intrigued by her voice's unusual tone, Anastacia would be continuously told that 'her sound just didn’t quite fit into any category'. By 1997 Anastacia had become a member of band called The Kraze which she remained a part of until 1999. In 1998 she had another duet with Cuban composer Omar Sosa performing Mi Negra, Tu Bombón. Eventually in 1998 before turning 30, Anastacia attracted the interest of record labels after making the finals of the short lived MTV talent show The Cut. Anastacia signed a contract with Daylight Records, a custom label of Sony Music Entertainment's Epic Records in March 1999.

Anastacia's debut album, Not That Kind was released in 1999. The album reached the top ten in eight countries in Europe and Asia. It went four times platinum in Europe and triple platinum in Australia;[18] her debut single "I'm Outta Love" was a global smash hit in 1999, topping the charts in Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, peaking at number two in France, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland as well as also reaching number six both in Germany and the UK. In the U.S., it was only a minor radio hit. The second single "Not That Kind" reached number 11 in the UK and became a Top 10 hit in Italy. It also entered the Top 20 in Switzerland and France. "Cowboys & Kisses" was released as the third single off the album, charting in the top forty in some European countries. As the last promotional only single, "Made for Lovin' You" charted in the UK at number twenty-seven and in France at number seventy-two. While "I'm Outta Love" was a top ten hit on the Hot Dance Club Play, "Not That Kind" did not chart high on the Billboard Hot 100, however in spite of this by the end of the year Anastacia would go on to be the World's Best Selling New Female Pop Artist at the 2001 World Music Awards. On 17 September, it was announced that the singer had signed with the "BMG Masters Model" service of BMG Rights Management, along with the service's primary German-based distributing partner, Rough Trade Distribution. Global distribution is expected to be achieved via a range of partnering labels and distribution services. The deal includes the release of her following two albums, It's a Man's World, a collection of her covers by rock male artists released on 9 November 2012, followed by an album with original material to be recorded and released. On February 27, 2013, Anastacia announced that she was forced to cancel her European tour due to the fact that she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 10 years and was undergoing treatment.

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I love Anastacia but.... | Reviewer: Oscar | 10/5/13

A few years ago I read the biography of Anastacia and it said that she was descended from a Russian family, who emigrated to the U.S.. Now I read this and is a descendant of German and Irish. What is the resort? Why deny your roots. ?It people so complicated!

what an inspiration | Reviewer: squidge | 6/23/12

Anastacia is such an amaising person, not only a voice of an angel with fight, but you can tell from her song she's been thru the mill and back again but here she is still standing. your an inspiration and an amaising person, never forget it and never forget with all the people that love and care about you, you'll never be alone just like you've taught us. keep going hunny! x x x x

Tell it like it is... | Reviewer: Anton Lorien | 2/10/11

Anastacia is a fabulous artist and great role model in the entertainment industry. With a strong, soulful voice covering a wide vocal range with perfect technique, although I'd rate Whitney the best female singer of the 80s, Mariah the best of the 90s and Beyonce being best of the 00s, Beyonce cannot rival Anastacia when it comes to power. I first heard Anastacia on the radio, thinking she was an awesome black singer only to see on Top of the Pops who actually was singing the record "I'm Outta Love"! I was impressed. Subsequently I bought the albums Not That Kind, and in the following years, Freak of Nature and Anastacia. From a professional opinion the best songs from each album are the following:

Not That Kind = Not That Kind, I'm Outta Love, Made For Lovin You and Love Is Alive = 4 out of the 12 tracks.

Freak Of Nature = You'll Never Be Alone, One Day In Your Life, How Come The World Won't Stop, Overdue Goodbye, Overdue Goodbye (Reprise), Why'd You Lie To Me, Don't Cha Wanna, I Dreamed You and Paid My Dues = 9 out of the 12 tracks.

Anastacia = Left Outside Alone, Sick And Tired, Heavy On My Heart, Welcome To My Truth and Seasons Change = 5 out of the 12 tracks.

Notice all albums have 12 tracks and are kickin, very strong tunes, not just her best tracks but some of the best tracks done and worth purchasing for your collection and enjoyment.

From what I can gather, from what I've observed and have referenced on the internet is that Anastacia changed her record label due to the lack of backing to promote her deservedly. They also decided to release the greatest hits compilation, Pieces of A Dream. What a stupid idea. For most artists it signals the best work of an artist's career - Anastacia should have been given the proper backing and she would have been a gargantuan success especially in the United States - how ridiculous she's hardly known there - this will change.

After listening to Anastacia's most recent album, Heavy Rotation I concluded it's an album of mostly, what I call "productions" NOT songs with the exception of You'll Be Fine which is beautiful. Like many artists whose best work is behind them i.e. Whitney, Mariah, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, the list goes on, apart from lacking the appropriate backing, they are missing one key thing = good material. After many years of analysing, it's accurate to put an artist's initial success/"making it" AND sustaining of success down to such a factor.

Thus, I sincerely wish Anastacia get some more good people behind her or flow herself more power as a songwriter and get more good material out like she had before but of course, this time, getting the deserved respect and support she should get if she's happy with the record label, etc. she's with now. And for the future, all of her songs or albums should be re-released without doubt and be the successful albums they rightfully should be.

I'm a professional singer/songwriter of 14yrs and I hope to also make it shortly, you can buy my debut single, in aid of Afghan Heroes on iTunes called We Are The Brits - all proceeds go to charity. I have a love and respect for Anastacia and would be most happy to collaborate with her in the future. Although rare for a male singer, I actually sing her songs - although, very demanding, possible with the correct technique; hence, being so sure-footed in my stance here. It's also an outrage she is not regarded enough and pass on all my best wishes to her and hope to hear much more from Anastacia.

Wow! | Reviewer: Marcus | 4/21/10

I have followed this woman for the best part of 8 years! I love her, her voice is just untouchable by some artists. It was so strange to see that she was white, as most white women don't have as much soul in their songs. I'm so glad she got through cancer, and the amazing album that followed it WOW! I love all her albums though (apart from heavy rotation, I only like that)

She's a godess, and I love her style, it really suits her. In December 2009 I went to see her in the Here Come the Girls tour (she doesn't perform much in the UK so I had to go), she was with Chaka Khan and Lulu, was such a great performance I loved every minute and didn't sit down! She's such a great, unique, genuine person. And who would guess she's 41...I wouldn't that's for sure.

Fave songs: I'm Outta Love, Not That Kind, I Ask Of You, Yo Trippin', One More Chance, Paid My Dues, Freak of Nature, One Day In Your Life, You'll Never Be Alone, I Dreamed of You, Love is a Crime, Left Outside Alone, Season's Change, Sick and Tired, Time, I Do, Rearview, Sexy Single, Welcome to My Truth, Heavy on my Heart, Maybe Today, Everything Burns, Pieces of a Dream, I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Ta Passione) In Your Eyes, I Can Feel You, Defeated, Stalemate, Calling All Angels

So yeah, I think I only like a few of her songs...haha!

Anastacia floats the duckbath! | Reviewer: AnastaciaFan4EVER | 9/2/08

Anastacia is the most amazing singer you will ever hear. She is also a great comedian and a fantastic 'people person'. She loves her fans and would do anything for those she cares about. In reply to Sue ("She's the best thing that ever happened since david byrne") I too think that David Byrne has great grey hair and Anastacia is a SUPER star. She is iconic and the legend will live on forever. Thank you Anastacia for the music you have given the world. May the 17th always be with you.

Anastacia site | Reviewer: Fan | 6/21/07

Anastacia is just amazing, visit my site about her!

hello | Reviewer: georg | 2/11/07

Hi Ana. I love you very much and i will always love you. you're so beautiful. i wish you helth.
you're my sister i wanna be a singer becous you are a singer bye

The Amazing Anastacia | Reviewer: Daniel | 12/7/06

I just love her so much she is so amazing. Her voice is awesome, and her music sprocks like no other!!

I'm so glad she's all good after cancer I would have died if anything happened to her... also, her music changed after cancer I love how that happened.


She is adorable! | Reviewer: Sprock | 6/2/06

She is the best. Anastacia really sprocks! Her songs is great.

Shes the best thing that ever happened since david byrne | Reviewer: Sue | 2/17/06

I love her.

Her music is great.

She upstages david byrne by a mile or five even though he rocks too and has nice grey hair.

She upstages him because she is American and david byrne was only brought up there.

Our good calum mcsue mcintosh (nickname crapbag) thinks she is a superstar in a gaybar (like the song). But that was only his words.
He also likes her glasses.

Amazing young women | Reviewer: Courtney | 11/17/05

She has an amazing voice who would of thought that it came from a 32-year-old white 5"3 women she writes great songs and involes her fans i just love her to bits she is so amazing words can't describe how great she is


Anastacia is FAB!! | Reviewer: Chelsea | 10/19/05

She has an amazing voice and is so down 2 Earth, especially with her fans. She is Simply the Best :D

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