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Bush Anarchy In The UK Lyrics

Last updated: 04/30/2006 11:00:00 AM

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right! now ha, ha

i am an antichrist
i am an anarchist
don't know what i want
bit i know how to get it
i wanna destroy the passerby

i wanna be anarchy
no dogs body

anarchy for the u.k.
it's coming sometime and maybe
i give a wrong time stop a traffic line
your future dream is a shopping scheme

i wanna be anarchy
in the city

how many ways to get what you want
i use the best
i use the rest
i use the NME
i use anarchy

i wanna be anarchy
it's the only way to be

is this the m.p.l.a. or
is this the u.d.a. or
is this the i.r.a.
i thought it was the u.k.
or just another country
another council tenancy

i wanna be anarchy
i wanna be anarchy
oh what a name

and i wanna be an anarchist
get pissed

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