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Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews An' Another Thing Lyrics

Last updated: 04/13/2008 11:00:00 AM

Rain for me oh you but called me
It’s my broken heart just where you leave me
Now I say to you, “ooooh boy.”

Weight on my head
You won’t go up, oh
Weight on my head
Oooh ooh my babe...

Stay a minute just to hear you waitin’,
And no one confine her
Sweet and tender won’t you go out again?

Oh, rain on my head
Wouldn’t you
Rain on my head?
Oh, someone take off a
Weight all alone

Ahh, I met a girl recently.
All in a sudden, all a suddenly
Nobody deal for the woe of the world
Wait, all a sudden, all a suddenly
It will all would be, all would be over

Wait, come on rain on my head.
Water water!

Many, many dates how you all die.

Oh rain money,
Grow a war at heart
And in the fire,
One out of a million.

.. wait a minute,
Touch your look on me
Denial, denial
Touch your work with me
Do not deny
Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head

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Flawless | Reviewer: Degoboy5000 | 4/12/2008

Such an displaced song....with the awkward beats, and the emotional singing... they all coincide perfectly...
this song deserves a 100/10.
I've never heard DM sing with that much raw emotion, extremely impressive.

Moving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/2007

This song simply moves me. I, too, can hardly understand what he's saying but there is so much passion in his voice and emotion that it takes me to another place. Lovely.


An' Another Thing | Reviewer: Hilary | 11/19/2006

So soulfull - deep sadness and beauty within one's soul. My heart feels his pain. This song captures my past pain, my loss, my hurt.

I must add that the Some Devil Album as a whole is one of the best in my collection.

Another thing that justifies the existence of mankind | Reviewer: Balazs Csonka | 10/8/2005

This the most emotional song I have ever heard. I love a lot of bands and singers and Dave Matthews is not my all time favourite (although I like him very much) but this song is my ultimate winner of all the songs I like in this world regarding the way emotions are expressed. It is as if he was crying throughout the whole song. I can hardly understand what he is singing. The same happens when somebody is talking while crying. Also, his voice is distorted in a similar way to how your voice is distorted when you are weeping, as opposed to when you are singing. And if you know which is the 'climax' of the woe of a broken heart (and who would not know?) then you know why the most sorrowful part of his singing is when he feels as if all the pain in this world poured on his head. I feel, if I can listen to this song once more, then I am willing to fight all the troubles of the world. Enchanting...just enchanting...