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Bobby Darin Amy Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2012 02:34:10 PM

Soft as the April snow
Lovely as indigo
You only kissed me
and paradise smiled
and the man was a child
and the wind was+ so wild.

here's what I mean++ to say
Love me
If only for today +++
Let me know April and indigo blue
and let paradise smile for me, too.


here's what I mean++ to say
Love me
If only for today +++
Let me know April and indigo blue
and let paradise smile for me, too.

Let me know April and indigo blue
and let paradise smile for me, too.

+ also sung as "blew"
++ also sung as "tryin'"
+++ also sung as "a day"

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Beautiful Memories | Reviewer: Frith | 10/18/12

The western flick from the mid-60's "Gunfight at Abilene" featured this hauntingly beautiful, and unforgetable song by Bobby Darin. Touched me deeply while watching the movie on black and white television, but great sound system. Lost all hearing over next few years, and have not heard music since about 1975 --when music auditory memory ends. But this song is retained and will play in my mind till the end of my days.

Great Love Song for the 60's | Reviewer: Charles | 7/9/12

Whether you are remembering the decade or living the decade, this is one of the great "our song", right up there with Cherish and Can't Help Falling in Love. A must for any seduction set.


Thanks for the memories... | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/13/11

Thought of this song tonight for the first time in 40 years. Don't know why I thought of it, but so glad the lyrics were on line. I had forgotten all but the "Soft as the April snow" part. Beautiful song.

Amy | Reviewer: carol hughes | 2/28/11

When this song was released,I babysat for the cutest,sweetest lil 2yr old named Amy.Iwas only a young teen,but I knew that was the name for a lil' girl of my own someday.......I never changed my mind. However; a "friend" of mine had a girl before I did & knew I had picked out the name "Amy
Christian".....she named her lil' girl that......I was not very happy considering she worked for my
husband.Then I was pregnant with our 2nd child.....since the baby could possibly be a girl, I still
never changed the first name,but chose "Denise" for the middle name.I never had a girl......that was
ok with me....I would not trade my sons for anything! But "Amy" still holds my heart as a favorite
name & song.

hidden treasurer | Reviewer: Melva Geyer | 1/2/07

I keep hoping someone will pick this beautiful song up. It is such a wonderful piece of music. There are some wonderful voices out there that could make this the big hit it should have been. Darin's rendition was solid, but too mild to catch the attention that someone like Michael Bolton could do.

"Amy" is on this CD,.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/06

If I Were a Carpenter: The Very Best of Bobby Darin: 1966-1969

Amy is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard,along with If I Were A Carpenter(only by Bobby). Amy is also in the movie that Bobby was in,Gunfight in Abinene.

Amy, Soft as the April Snow.....great love song | Reviewer: Amy | 10/19/05

This 45 was given to me as a birthday present from my very first boyfriend, Gene. He bought it at "Dis-K", in downtown Freehold, NJ in the 1960's. Since his first love was "Amy", he thought it was very romantic....I have held onto that 45 for all of those years..................

Amy | Reviewer: Jim Davis | 4/2/05

Amy was the flip side of "Love You" which hit the charts in late 1966. Aparently, Atlantic records never released this master in any of the anthologys of Bobby Darin's material. Truly a classic love song unequaled.

Forgotten Song | Reviewer: Joe Parana | 12/21/04

Never a top hit, and virtually impossible to find now, "Amy" is Darin's most tender love ballad, sung with a soulful, haunting simplicity. I last heard it nearly 40 years ago, and it remains fresh in my memory.