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Amy says she's all alone
Says the world doesn't even know
About the pain she hides inside
Says happiness is just a lie
Smell the roses, throw them down
Just whisper, don't make a sound
Don't want the world to know the truth
You've been broken and you

And Amy says
"I see you laughing at the rain that hits your face
With your arms stretched open soaking in the love
In a world I find so hard you find so beautiful
There's a hope in you deep inside for me."

The colors of her mind
Bleed into each other
And as the morning melts the night
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And the stars enchant another
While her eyes are still held shut
She can hear you breathing softly
Your words echo in her mind
And your words are clear
And she knows that you are here
You are here

I see her laughing at the rain that hits her face
With your arms stretched open soaking in the love
In a world she found so hard she finds so beautiful
There's a hope in her deep inside for you

I see her laughing at the rain that hits her face
With your arms stretched open soaking in the love
In a world she found so hard she finds so beautiful
There's a hope in her deep inside for you

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Amy Says | Reviewer: Tina | 12/18/12

Amy Says is my most favorite song by Flyleaf. There is nothing in the song that I hate and the song is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. I try singing along but I can't help but to cry. Lacey is a genius for writing this and I couldn't think of a better song then this.

my song :) | Reviewer: amy | 1/4/12

ive known about this song for awhile now but never really listened to the song so 1 day i listened to it and really listened to the lyrics and i felt like the song was kind of ment for me .. it totally describes who i am

My Sister... | Reviewer: Layla | 5/28/11

My sister.. well techinically shes just a friend.. is named amy. I found out about a week ago that she was depressed and she used to cut. She doesnt anymore. My secret? thats like a mirror to me. Im hanging with her tomorrow for the first time in a while. Things are gonna get better, amy. I promise you. Tomorrow, im showing her this song....

Amy Says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

My name is Amy, just spelled differently though. But it's strange how today I first discovered this song, but every single word in this song are quotes from things I've said to people and myself... I think I found my song.

Amy <3 | Reviewer: Alejandro | 1/18/11

My girlfriends name is Amy. :3 it seems like this song rally sones up why her life was before she met me... I don't understand why but she says I'm the best thong to happen to her. That makes me feel good that I am able to bring joy to my beautiful girlfriend. I truly love her, and I could never hurt her. She's been through so much and was labeled many horrible things for things she had done in the past. Despite all that I never thought that I regret being with her. She was what I was looking for all along. I listen to this song quote frequently because i love how clear and real it is, and how easily relatable it is. I love my Amy. She's the best thing has happened to me and nothing could change that. I just hope one say Amy says 'I do' <3 I love my Amy.

OMG | Reviewer: Amy | 1/18/11

my name is Amy and this song seems to sum up my life to a T. I may be dont read it the way some others do. I see it as going thru pain and being used and alone and beleiving there is no hope in sight and then finding yourself and love and happiness again. an that is where i am today

that s incedible | Reviewer: zehra | 6/28/10

hello my name is zehra ı'm turkish but ı can speak english ı love flyleaf flyleaf is excellent and great I do not know how accurate the summer, but I wrote something here My last words to speak English, but I like very much to listen to hard rock thank you zehra...

About a Friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

I was looking for more Flyleaf songs on Grooveshark, and I see this. I am immediately gravitated to it because of the name in the song. I listen to the song and is touched by the lyrics. They describe her well, my friend Amy. Once upon a time we were almost lovers, but the distance between us, along with the unfortunate circumstances tore us apart(off subject. sorry). Of course like the few people below me stated, the song seems to be fitting for the Amy I know. Describes her very well. I know the pain she has gone through. I know of the tragic pain that she is going through at this moment. I dare not spill such a thing to the public, but she knows pain. She has been broken, used and confused. Tries to deflect her sadness with guilty pleasures. She does things that are wrong. She sometimes let others have their way with her, maybe in hope of finding some sort of comfort. She hides her pain and doesn't want anyone to know. Her world animated with the sadness in her heart and the torment within her soul. I would say that she knows that I'm here for her, but surly there is someone else that can satisfy her more than I could ever dream. With that, I wish her nothing but peace happiness. I will pray for her protection and well being every night. This song eases my mind. I need to take a walk in the rain to ease my pain....

about "Amy Says" | Reviewer: <3Amy | 3/2/10

This song is so much like me and my friend, it's scary. 5 years ago, I was completely lost in the world, because I thought I was completely alone and I became..well...a really bad person. This song reminds me of how my friends, especially my 2 best friends ever, brought me back to reality and sanity. Sometimes they still need to bring me back. Talking about that time is like a slap in the face that brings a person back to reality. Not to be a copycat, but this song seems like it was written for me, because it not only uses my name, but it has me and my life and my personality and everything written all over it...not literally. I believe this is about a girl named Amy who is severely depressed, and then Lacey (or maybe someone else) shows her God and how much he loves her and all the blessings she receives, and she helps Amy become a truly happy person. This is too long already, and there really is nothing else I really want to say, so I'll stop before I write a book. :-)


:) | Reviewer: Amy jean | 8/30/08

my name is amy.. i love this song..
not just because it has my name in it..
but its cool cause i feel like she's singing it about me, i love all their songs..
and this one touches me just the same,
if not more :)

Liz | Reviewer: Samuel | 1/4/08

You dumb girl, it's not fly leaf, it's Flyleaf.
Saying fly leaf with a space makes it sound like your telling a leaf to fly. Flyleaf is the first or last page of a book that you put who the book is going to. That's what all their songs are about giving to someone who needs help.

so sad | Reviewer: someone | 12/17/07

so sad, it fills my eyes with tears, but i love this song. it makes me think of the world and its downsides, but then again, it makes me remember that the world has good qualities. so i love flyleaf, i love this song, i love all the songs by flyleaf. 100000000000000/10 !!~

about the song amy says | Reviewer: liz | 9/13/07

i love this song i really dont like sad songs but this song is really good and i like how fly leaf sings

Awesome! | Reviewer: Tanja-chan | 2/13/07

This song is one of the best I've ever heard! I usually don't like sad songs that much but this one really touches me... It reminds me of... me ^^"

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