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Amos Lee Biography

Last updated: 08/19/2007 12:00:00 PM

Fred Berman - Drums

Fred Berman began playing drums at the age of five, inspired by Ringo, The Beatles, and his neighbor's older sibling's Motown collection. This started a lifelong journey down a musical path that took Fred from the streets of West Philly to the prestigious Philadelphia college of performing arts. There, he studied classical percussion with Anthony Orlando of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and took lessons with R&B and studio legend Bernard Purdie. Having played with too many bands to list, Fred has kept one thing in the front of his musical mind. That being, "Make it feel good!"

Fred is an Aquarius with Capricorn rising and his favorite color is red.

Jaron Olevsky - Bass, Keyboards

Jaron Olevsky was born in Amherst, MA, where he began studying piano with his mother. At age 14, he found himself drawn to the lower register, and started to play the electric bass. His passion for jazz and jazz piano led him from his high school jazz ensemble to studying at the University of the Arts under Trudy Pitts, Don Glanden, and Jamar Jones. However, outside of school he found himself gigging around Philadelphia more and more as a bass player, and eventually began to play the upright as well. All of this led Jaron to the Amos Lee Band, where he currently holds the record for bassiest voice.

In his spare time, he enjoys shooting pool and making guitars.

Nate Skiles - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Nate Skiles, one of Lancaster PA's finest has joined Amos on the road. This gifted multi-instrumentalist enjoys fine wines and cheeses, jazz music, and pocket billiards. There are no limits to Mr. Skiles musicianship, as he has learned good,old fashioned American values from years spent working as a roofer with his father.

We are all thrilled to have Nate with us, and as it has been said, a mighty man starts as a working man and never loses sight of his thoughts or ability.