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Deeply rooted in death metal with firm beliefs in Viking
mythology, AMON AMARTH formed in 1992 in Tumba, Sweden, a
southern suburb of Stockholm. They began writing material
with lots of melodies, harmonies and lyrics about Vikings
and the northern gods. In summer 1993 they entered Lagret
Studio to record the never released demo "Thor Arise". The
band continued to rehearse and writing stronger material
and again entered the studio. The result was the second
demo "The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter". This time the band
was much more satisfied with the sound and songs and
launched it to More...

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Review about Amon Amarth songs
This I like | Reviewer: Aniruddha
    ------ About the song Embrace of The Endless Ocean performed by Amon Amarth

The slow pace with such emotions, this is a masterpiece, when I hear Hegg singing the last part "My hopeful dreams lie ripped and torn, father, I die alone" it breaks my heart and reminds me of what I am going through. I love this band.

Amon Amarth :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Embrace of The Endless Ocean performed by Amon Amarth

This was the first Amon Amarth song I've heard, and I haven't heard any death metal song that's as beautiful as this one. The guitars are so melodic, especially during the instrumental parts. Hegg's growling lyrics are easy to understand (I didn't need to look at the lyrics to know every word of the song), and I even growl along whenever I play this song!

The Fate Of Norns | Reviewer: Kruger666
    ------ About the song The Fate of Norns performed by Amon Amarth

Its an amazing song. Love the band. The lyrics is deep and sad! The way its written makes it great even the music fits amazingly. My band and I are doing a cover of it! I'm the vocalist and its hard to remember where to sing what but what the hell i'm new member so we going to be at the top of it soon. We are The Grief Prophecy! Amazing song hopefully we'll sound as epic as they do one day. Check out our band page on facebook. Its called the grief prophecy!

Amazing | Reviewer: Mikey
    ------ About the song Twilight of the Thunder God performed by Amon Amarth

This song, along with the lyrics, is amazing. I've fallen in love with Viking themed metal and Amon Amarth are, in my opinion, the best band to deliver this. The riff in this song is just fantastic, and the lyrics compliment it perfectly. I highly recommend that you give the entire album of the same name a listen.

GODS! | Reviewer: slave to metal
    ------ About the song Pursuit Of Vikings performed by Amon Amarth

these guys are right up there as the biggest inspiration to my singing, im just startin to sing for a band and im doin singing like these guys and Deicide..they are my biggest influences for singing...this song is like...the best song Amon Amarth have....YOU GUYS ROCK

Viking Metal | Reviewer: Mattie
    ------ About the song Pursuit Of Vikings performed by Amon Amarth

This song is proof..Amon Amarth really does deserve the title of "Viking Metal"

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