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Against Me! Americans Abroad Lyrics

Last updated: 09/28/2007 11:00:00 AM

Golden arches risin' above the next overpass
These horizons are endless
Americans abroad! Americans abroad!
Profit driven expansion into foreign markets
And while I hope I'm not like them, I'm not so sure

This is the best summer that I've ever had
European Vacation, me and my best friends
Americans abroad! Americans abroad!
Whatever there is to be said is said in English
And while I hope I'm not like them, I'm not sure

Here we are, a rock band looking for new audiences
Wherever we go, Coca-Cola's already been
Americans abroad! Americans abroad!
And I just can't help but think that there's nothing in sight
And while I hope I'm not like them, I'm not sure

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To the two reviews below this one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/2007

Have they changed? Really?

Take a listen to their live music, all that's changed is they've gotten older and the person(s) producing the final cut have changed. Their CDs sound more produced because they are. Larger recording companies have the money, time and equipment to make smoother sounding records, they do it - it's not the band's music changing, it's the producer changing.

The most important part is, Tom's lyrics haven't changed a bit, they continue to be personal, confronting, political etc... If you start seeing these guys in target commercials or on VH1's I loved the 80's, then you can start talking about selling out.

(I know the people below haven't said that Against Me! has sold out, I just think they're missing it completely when they say the music has drastically changed)

Against me! deserve some cred | Reviewer: Joakim | 9/21/2007

I agree with you Suzy.

When Searching For A Former Sense Of Clarity came out, i was really dissapointed. I thought it sucked. Now i love it. I wanted another album like Crime or reinventing axl rose. But Against Me! reinvented their sound and produced somthing different. Once I got over it and accepted there won't be another Crime, I really started liking it. Same with New Wave.

Against me! have not sold out. On the contrary, how many bands have the courage to totally change their sound? I mean of all the thousands of bands trying to get a record deal, Against Me! had found an audience, they sold albums. A boring band would have kept that going to sell more albums. Instead, Against Me! dared to change their sound risking to loose their loyal audience and thus their livelyhood. I think they deserve some recognition for that.

I got New Wave two days ago, listening to it all the time. Right now I am going back and forth between "it's lame" and "damn it's good" ;)
I'm sure it will grow on me

Eye-opening | Reviewer: Suzy | 8/6/2007

No matter what people may say about against me!: that they sold out, their new sound sucks... it doesn't change the fact that this is not mainstream music right here. I was introduced to against me! by accident; a friend had an extra ticket and invited me 3 hours before the show. I had never even heard of them before, but when I heard their music, It totally gripped me. The rawness in it all, the true emotion in their voices, their interaction with the crowd and most of all their lyrics. These guys are so fucking talented, and they are conscious of the world around them. I think it's great that they jumped for the chance to expand their audience, we need more socially conscious music. And yes, their sound has changed alot from their crime and reinventing days. But when I sat down to listen to new wave the whole way through for the first time, I was thinking of how this album was gonna suck, but when I pressed play and opened my mind and listened I loved it. Sure its not as punky and guttural, but they still have that rawness in them. Because there is more to music than just the riffs and vocals, I can still feel their same energy in their music, and to me, thats all I need.