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The Parlor Mob American Dream Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2012 11:00:00 AM

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The times are changing and there's nowhere to run
Now will answer to the things that were done
In the night, we'll know just who to send
The dogs are howling from the edge of the rain
Where someone said they had the right to complain
So they'll beg, or they'll burn, or they'll band

How that everything that glitters is gold
Down in the middle where we're bought or
we're sold
Give me what I need not what I owe
The place I live is just a hole in the a wall
As for possession, I keep nothing at all
I woke up sick from my American dream

That's enough, not for us
Our hearts are racing, we don't know who to trust
That's enough, not for us
Our hearts are racing, we don't know who to trust
Not my American dream

The birds are flying and the kids are in jail
While I'm here waiting for my ship to sail
In the north, we'll be just as we were
The cars are screaming and the street
lights explode
If I was you, I'd stay the hell of the road
If your time to you is not your course

Oh my goodness, Oh my woman in white
My eyes are fixed beyond the ghost in the right
I don't need the stars I know their name
I'm feeling nervous with no way to relax
I guess I find it hard to face the facts
I fell down drunk with my American dream

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