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America was a light folk-rock act of the early '70s who had
several Top Ten hits, including the number ones "A Horse
with No Name" and "Sister Golden Hair."
Vocalists/guitarists Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry
Beckley met while they were still in high school in the
late '60s; all three were sons of U.S. Air Force officers
who were stationed in the U.K. After they completed school
in 1970, they formed an acoustic folk-rock quartet called
Daze in London, which was soon pared down to the trio of
Bunnell, Peek, and Beckley. Adopting More...

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Review about America songs
    ------ About the song Political Poachers performed by America



Ever 1st Loved | Reviewer: _Mitch_
    ------ About the song I Need You performed by America

Romantic song that reflects what was once a true love. America did good with this song, even though, I could not find it on Rhapsody. The one place I would have liked to heard it - the vocals. Possible ownership rights, still, America nailed this one for sure!

Meanings | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song Sandman performed by America

I always thought this song was about two friends who went different ways during the Vietnam war. One enlisted and one became a draft dodger. Hence Sandman being the US government he was hiding from.

It´s a great song... | Reviewer: Raccoon
    ------ About the song Hat Trick performed by America

... I love really much. And ist a terribly undererrated Album - what a pity. Not only the Album but the titel song have so much in it, even after years I still can sit and listen and find new things. I Thing, surely this is one of the best works America ever did.

Dance with your children! | Reviewer: Elisabeth
    ------ About the song Tin Man (Live) performed by America

My son is 29 now, but I can't hear this song without remembering me picking him up and dancing around in circles whenever it came on the radio or we played the cd. Great happy song! Great band! Dance with your children, they'll love it!

The essence of a hat trick | Reviewer: Aiuruocan
    ------ About the song Hat Trick performed by America

R.W., maybe you're too right... Maybe these words do not have a logical configuration, semantics sometimes really does matter. But here, for me, this is much more about a feeling that takes you to a mental territory away from words, logical reasoning or anything like this. It is more like the territory of dreams, open-eyed dreams. After all, a love story is one of the densest psychological states, especially made of sensations inscrutable to reason. Well, I'll just stop reasoning about this... I love this song!

I like this, but for an odd reason... | Reviewer: R.W. Ton
    ------ About the song Hat Trick performed by America

When I was a teenager, I tried to write songs. But I didn't have the life experience, or the confidence to put my real feelings into songs, so I'd use words that just came to me while singing, and sometimes a line would contradict the one next to it (rather like, "She's telling me it's all right/She's saying I'm uptight")...lyrical coherence was less important than the 'sound'.

I ended up with a bunch of half-assed, unfocused fragments of songs. Okay, I thought, even the Beatles stuck unfinished songs together and made them into something. Abbey Road! Yeah!

It didn't work for me and it didn't work for America. You've got to start from 'gifted genius' territory to pull something like that off. But it buffers my confidence to see that America, a group with considerable talent, failed in this attempt ("I can't feed these ages left in my head"...I had lines that rivaled that for sheer inscrutability!).

This crazy megasong gives me a nostalgic glow, thinking about those early days of my blossoming creativity, and all the blank canvases I could fill, eventually.

Great song, but underrated. | Reviewer: No name.
    ------ About the song Now That I'm A Woman performed by America

In my opinion, I think it's a very heartfelt song. It sounds as if she's about to cry, and it has a sort of haunting quality to it. You can really relate to her pain somehow. A beautiful unicorn (The last of her kind.) suddenly turned into a human to save her life. She was once a beautiful, majestic creature with a flowing mane and the wind flowing about her as she galloped. But now she she is reduced to two legs, even though she is still beautiful, she is not a unicorn. She was the only hope for her kind, and now it is all lost. It's a sad song. Even though I have never seen the movie, I think it's a lovely song, and should definitely be included if they ever make a live action remake. I want to be a movie maker when I grow up, so maybe I can make that happen.

Here's All I've Got To Say | Reviewer: StalhNacht
    ------ About the song That's All I've Got To Say performed by America

The soundtrack of The Last Unicorn is seriously undervalued. Not that many people appreciate the beauty of all the songs, including this one.
It is a beautiful song, one that expresses the personal hardship of one in love, the kind that hits you hard and almost unexpectedly.

Not Hopeless | Reviewer: Chip
    ------ About the song Man's Road performed by America

This is a beautiful song, indeed. But while it is melancholic, it is not as hopeless as some here seem to think. Given the film, you have to take this song together with "I'm Alive"/"The Last Unicorn" (whichever title you prefer) to get a fuller picture. There is not hopelessness here, when you take both songs together in context.

What strikes me about both songs is the enormous amount of Christian imagery in them. The first three lines of stanza 2 of "Walking Man's Road" can be read as essentially paraphrases of what Jesus Christ experienced when he became human. The second and third lines of stanza 3 combine with much of the lyrics of "I'm Alive" to present not only an apocalyptic scenario, but much hope beyond it. We sometimes "[wait] in silence for the sky to explode" ("Walking Man's Road"), but we also can "look into the sky" to the sparkling aliveness of Jesus Christ ("I'm Alive"). This life is not hopeless.

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