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Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi Amen Lyrics

Last updated: 04/08/2013 04:08:33 PM

Last night I had a dream
The dream I had was true
I fell through the stars
Went walking on the moon
Burned like a thousand candles in her arms

The skin under my finger tips
Honeysuckle on her lips
Sweeter than a man deserves to taste
Mercy, mercy, what else can I say?

But Amen. Amen

Last night we were born together
It was like we’d always been
She’ll be with me forever
If I don’t see her again
We poured the wine until our cup ran over

Unfolding like the mystery
Inside of her like poetry
A thousand horses running through my veins
Mercy, mercy what else can I say

But Amen, Amen

I laid down in her garden
Naked on her floor
Windows up, the curtains blowing
She don’t lock the door

Amen, Amen

At the banquet table
A beggar at a feast
I felt her tongue between her lips
And I forgot to breath
We stayed there ‘til the candles burned the carpet

Last night I had a dream
The dream I had was true
Mercy, mercy, what else can I say
Mercy, mercy, I laid down and prayed

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The first review~ | Reviewer: Lynn | 4/8/13

This is the truth~I remember~Aug 76-Jan-1977~
Never knew anything about his past or even his real name~
Strawberry lip gloss.Black satin sheets and a new seafoam green nighty on the bed.

"His Dream" | Reviewer: Gloria | 3/24/13

So powerful. Bon Jovi is an amazing song writer.

This song touches me like no other.

To me it speaks to the spirituality of love and lovemaking and what a powerful emotion it is. It's undescribably beautiful.

I was once introduced as "his dream" by the love of my life so this song is particularly touching to me.