Amel Larrieux Lyrics

few young singers from the nascent "new school" of
conscious soul possess the grace, maturity, strength and
determination of amel larrieux, whose epic solo debut
infinite possibilities places her in a musical niche all
her own.

drawing on a wealth of influences from jazz, hip-hop,
gospel and funky r&b, and with flashes of middle eastern,
west african and indian ethnic styles, amel has crafted a
veritable concept album that explores an endless range of
promise and potential...lyrically, musically and
personally. reflecting the title More...

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Review about Amel Larrieux songs
Funky, smooth flowing groove..melodic ...reminiscent of ole skool... | Reviewer: Eric Ramsdell
    ------ About the song Afraid performed by Amel Larrieux

When I first heard this tune, I was hooked!!!! Didn't know what she was saying until I recognized the vamp, "Got me afraid" almost down right x-rated lyrically, mind you....with her soft projection of her voice trembling and afraid to see this guy, and her being seen by him. Decadent in it's truest form....she is definitely not a one hit wonder. I see many more hits like these from her.

Some words are not right | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song I Do Take performed by Amel Larrieux

This song is too beautiful to be messed up like this. You okay until the word confine...So here you go:

Like living and like dying
Like having no need to tell the time
Cause with you 1 day's worth 99

(I do take you as the ONE Miracle sent to grace these eyes
I do take you till my every end
and even then you'll be the love of my life)

Sometimes you just feel like nothing you've ever felt
Like your heart just began to grow
Like it's gon' overflow
Like there's enough love in the world to heal every wound inside...oh I
Like there really is a God
Because your smile's divine desire
And with you 1 day is worth 99


Don't ask me to explain
This beauty has no name
Too complex to simplify
Too boundless to be tied
Even a grown man will cry at the sound of two souls when they unify
When they unify...
Like you and I


I Do Take | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Do Take performed by Amel Larrieux

Some of the lyrics posted does not make sense to the deepness of the song. It would be wise research it a little further. I've been trying. Perhaps you may have an inside connection for confirmation. Be blessed. Enjoy your day!

western union money transfer | Reviewer: adeniyi obanla
    ------ About the song Get Up performed by Amel Larrieux

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it makes mw hole | Reviewer: Randy Mampuru
    ------ About the song Make Me Whole performed by Amel Larrieux

ohhhhhhh god this song is the best song ever heard am a 17 year old gal and this song MAKE ME HOLE makes me cry when ever i hear it on my favourite radio station metro fm to everyone who loves this song LOVE YOU liste,ing to it right now

The Big Fish... | Reviewer: Ellen
    ------ About the song Gills And Tails performed by Amel Larrieux

I had a similar interpretation Christina (the second one you mention)

I like to think of the big fish as representing capitalism and materialism

Maybe Amel is singing/writing with respect to the music industry and its lack of substance.

Come up for air | Reviewer: Christina
    ------ About the song Gills and Tails performed by Amel Larrieux

At first I thought this song was about someone who plunged herself head first into depression thinking it was her only solution but realized that it wasn't her answer; that she needed to reemerge into the world and live life. But the more I listen to this song, the more it sounds like she is stuck in a world that she does not fit into even after trying to conform. "Coming up for air" is her way of saying that she wants to be herself again, but finds herself "looking up longingly at the surface" because she is still unable to return to who she was before being "buried under the sand" by the monopolizing "big fish."

Great song!

~Genius~ | Reviewer: Renah Jenkins
    ------ About the song Make Me Whole performed by Amel Larrieux

For my daughter's first christmas, I did a video with all my daughter's pictures and I used this song for the background music. It explains everything that I feel for her and more! I cry everytime I hear it, even if I think of the lyrics I get teary-eyed! Thank you for your genius!

Make Me Whole | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Make Me Whole performed by Amel Larrieux

Each and every time I hear this song no matter when...I can't help to feel that knot in your throat and my eyes swell up with tears. This has to be the best song I've ever heard. The lyrics are perfection and Amels voice is captivating. This will be my wedding song.

What I thought lyrics were... | Reviewer: candi
    ------ About the song Searchin' My Soul performed by Amel Larrieux

...thought is was "Once I was happy, once I was alive...with the spirit of life's beauty and the limit of the skies. Watching lives get taken made something in me die...everyday is a struggle for my spirit to survive. You ask me how I lost the will to be...well my soul simply crept outside of me."

And "I tried to be strong but my strength is skin-deep. If happiness is coming I hope I have the vision to see. I'm so heavy-hearted I've got Billie's blues. Lately I can't even bring myself to watch the news.

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