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The Blood Brothers Ambulance Vs. Ambulance Lyrics

Last updated: 06/10/2014 04:34:10 AM

Ambulance X extracts several consultants
from the slow gumming death at the office orifice.
Ambulance Y imprisons the sigh of the recent amputee
and dumps her in the xylophone trees.
Ambulance X scours the tanning complex for repunzels
rotting in their skin cooking coffins.
Ambulance Y drops the body off at the door step.
Ambulance X pulls you out of the party
and rubs your freckles like a DJ to his records
but Ambulance Y teaches you the word goodbye
and cuts off your hands to show you where you stand,
under the monolith of what is love and what is scam,
what is sun and what is tan.
The Ambulance Angels pull up to your doorstep
the sirens flash emergency,
"you'd better come quick."
The Ambulance Angels chisel a crack in your mouth,
and then they paint a landscape with your regret and shouts.
Roll tape and decode the moans,
ventilate the scandal from these locked up mouth holes.
You'll never see your wife
and children again so tell us what it was going through your head,
when you looked into their eyes
and said "no thanks i'll take the hooker instead"
You'll never see that office again
so when the nurse amputates both of your thighs
come a little bit closer to the mic
and tell us what you miss more your desk or the hungry sky.
The Ambulance Angels pull up to the graveyard,
and leave you there bubbling broken sonnets and shards.
The Ambulance Angels notify your next of kin
and show them the scrap book of your operation:
His head was a faucet leaking love, laughter and lies:
all his secret wishes, all his world famous sighs.
Before you remember, Oh yeah, before you give in,
just remember we're coming back for your children.

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TAKE what u WANT | Reviewer: DoinThaDevilsWurk | 6/10/14

this song is a story of two ppl playing a game, were they go to pull important ppl with importants, money, or some leverage for personal gain to set up a sex scandal. they video it so can be used as blackmale, they get the target to do as they please, then end up killing them or distroying their career/family due to the action that was "forced" to do. this is the way USA works, weither it be in the medical industry or not its just metaphor, for the way ppl are forced into place. everything is controled by these ppl with money but theres always someone who will be faster, stonger, smarter, or richer than u. power, control, and empire will never stay with one person/family/gang/mob/political party/group/gender/race due to motivation/determiination from others, somewhere, who WILL want it more than you

my opinion feel free to crit! | Reviewer: janet | 7/13/10

I don’t think this song has much to do with divorce the only thing I can see to suggest that it might be is the lyric; "no thanks I'll take the hooker instead"
That statement is not elaborated on so we don’t know if the wife or kids even new about it or weather or not if they did if they decided to break up. It is a possibility though and maybe he is divorced while he’s being taken away by the ambulance angels but that’s not what the song is about.

As for the song being about the medical industry and different hospitals being in competition with each other, seriously wtf!? Have you even bothered reading the lyrics or did you just read the title and take a wild guess?

I thought the suggestion of the x and y chromosomes is a good one showing it’s both male and female at fault perhaps?

From what I gather from having read the lyrics you can tell that the blood brothers have a lot of strong opinions about modern society and the places we work and relax. The way these places are described shows the ugliness we deal with in everyday life for instance “ the office orifice” and “skin cooking coffins” also the fact that we have chosen this life its rather pitiful. When the ambulance angels come to take him away it looks through his life and his regrets and poor choices but its to late to do anything about them and it leaves you with the warning that your children will be next. So what are you going to do about it people?

Medical industry? Or... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

I think it's about divorce.

It's implicated quite a bit in this song, I think, especially in regards to the money-grabbing, lawyers 'n scandal way it happens these days. There's nothing civilised.

Think of Y and X chromosomes...male and female...ambulance vs ambulance.

My thoughts anyway. Just an idea.

you are all so stupid | Reviewer: phil | 9/6/08

this song is not about the medical industry, what the hell kind of an inference is that?? i could see how you might think that by judging a book by its cover, but no, burn, piano island, burn does not concern itself with light insights into the medical industry. instead the album, and the band, paint a terrible portrait of what humanity is and is capable of doing and being. this song falls in line with the album and is a grim look at the horrible lives we lead all the while denying our deaths. ironically these things we do are not "living" and are more geared towards bringing about more death and hopelessness than celebrating, embracing and cherishing our lives. death is the great equalizer, and although we may not be happy and equal in life, the ambulance angels let us know they will be back for all of our first born. and as supposedly all men are created equal, all men certainly die just as equally - and that is where we can truly find equality among men.

Medical Documentaries | Reviewer: Muffin | 12/11/07

Katy, you are getting closer. This song is definitly about the medical industry. I strongly believe that it's about hospitals competing for money.

Hospitals should care for people. They should not jump on every little disease to get your money.

Ambulance Vs. Ambulance, Hospital Vs. Hospital.

Medical Documentaries | Reviewer: Muffin | 12/11/07

This song is about medical fraud. This song is about hospitals competing for money.
This song is about how hospitals want your money. This song is not about scene kids.
This song is not about self-worshipping vigilates.

SERIOUSLY? | Reviewer: Katy | 9/6/07

It is absolutely not about scene kids. Its about the superficial and materialistic that are forced by these vigilante-type "ambulance" drivers to take a look at their lives and make them realize their mistakes by turning the tables on them.

The Blood Brothers made an eccentric, spectacular story out of the simple idea that you should appreciate what you have, because nothing is permanent.

This song is gay. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

This song is about how 2,
They walk around.
Consult who to target.
Laugh at them together a bit.
Then one acts all nice.
Wile the other fucking turns all the nice things they say into fucking asshole shit.
And somehow they didnt mouth you off the whole time.
I hate scene kids

Blood Brother's Ambulance vs. Ambulance | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/2/05

When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it. With in the song are a few different types of beats that somehow get you to move. From just bobbing your head, to going all out in a mosh pit, this song would rank very high in my book. It can be a little difficult to hear some of their words, but if you listen closely, you can hear a twisted story book, from beauties burning in tanning booths (noted as cooking coffins), to Xylophone Trees, this song is very twisted from it's irony.