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While many people are familiar with Ambrosia's radio hits
of the 70's, the songs on their five albums range also to
progressive and experimental. They are as comfortable with
ballads as with driving rock and roll. They can be serious,
they can be playful, but always the music is rich, the
harmonies are beautifully-blended, and even after twenty
years it sounds great.

The founding members of Ambrosia grew up in Southern
California in the area known as The South Bay, later
adopting More...

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Review about Ambrosia songs
Wrong band | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Baby Come Back performed by Ambrosia

Just an FYI... Ambrosia did not record this song. The original recording artist was a group called "Player". This mistake is made often, usually citing either Ambrosia or Little River Band as the artist. It's a great song.

Good job on the lyrics though :)

fantasy | Reviewer: marc
    ------ About the song Cowboy Star performed by Ambrosia

Ultimate cowboy fantasy with heavy shades of Aaron Copland, which is not a bad thing. Terrific musicianship, as is always the case with Ambrosia. Too often, they were a progressive band trapped in a Top 40 body. Leonard Bernstein, the Maestro himself, found them impressive, 'Nuff said.

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