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A touch of poison seals my fate
The dawn echoes the night with my glory... the sun himself honors me

Once king of roses, now lord of gold
Blessed with the gift of gilded touch
The Gods themselves envy my hand
Fate wields its knife to cut the thread

I curse the day my dream became my descent
Suddenly, I long for you, my only love

In my perfection I have no want
A folly as fatal as sin
Yet eyes still glint with greed untold
Has now become the end of me

I curse the day my dream became my descent
Suddenly, I long for you, my only love

Have I not earned this, the gift of beauty within?
How selfish were the Gods to keep their riches from my rightful treasure?
I truly have become one of them... my fatal flaw

Oh yeah! I've got her hook, line, and sinker!
Thanks to me, she's her own new necklace
Now she's good as gold
Thanks to me, she's her own new necklace
Now she's good as gold

I curse the day my dream became my descent
Suddenly, I long for you, my only love
I curse the day my dream became my descent
Suddenly, I long for you, my only love...
Cut the thread

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W8... | Reviewer: ralph | 9/9/09

.. a nice soNg,with story to,for the listeners who didnt knOw ambrosia,i thnk it is the foOd of greEk gods..If u eat oNe of those...youll becoMe imMortal....

......its nice,having all your wish to be granteD....making u own,her heart...even thougH all she wants is your greEd... that reminds me of love her,buT all she neEd is your wealth..

i wish i had an ambrosia,..

Midas golden touch?!? | Reviewer: Govegan! | 8/12/08

the lyrics remind me of story of king midas and his golden touch.... If i remeber correctly the story starts of with the king being granted the gift that whatever he touch turns to gold. At first he is happy, but then he turns everything, including his love and daughter into gold.

but i think what the person who talked about physe is right.... great song and band though, they rocked so much at warped tour!

jeje | Reviewer: rome | 8/5/08

this song is all about cupid and physche
cupid is a immortal god of love and physche is just a mortal ,cupid fell in love with her and asked zeus to give her the ambrosia so she will be immortal too and so she can live in olympus happily married..

I love Alesana with a Passion | Reviewer: elise | 3/24/08

So I have an unhealthy craze for Alesana... their songs have great meaning and it's neat how they can turn greek mythology into something even more interesting. Band that can do things like that have pure talent. Ambrosia has to be one of the best songs my ears have heard and yes, Shawn is absolutely gorgeous in the video.

haha | Reviewer: savannah | 12/25/07

i freaken love this song but like i never could understand what they were saying so now i do and thanks to you that is freaken awsome lol yah i think everyone should listen to this awsome song at least once in there short life...

Ambrosia OMG!!! | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 12/1/07

I love this song so much. I play it over and over again on youtube and my mom gets really annoyed. But I thinkShawn is so hot in this video.

love it !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

If i had to pick my fav band it would be Alesana. See i didn't under stand the lyrics at first because he was screaming... but even though i didin't under stand it rocked!Keep on rocking

ambrosia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

this is great stuff.
ambrosia means the nectar of immortality to the greek gods and stuff..
ahh fun

Dome!! XD | Reviewer: Risen | 11/10/07

I want to learn the timing of the songs! I really love it! And I need 2 more vocalist to complete this damn awesome song! XD

lol! | Reviewer: Khel | 11/6/07

my fave song!! my fave vid!!.. tnx 4 my cuz 4 encouraging me to try this band a year ago!! all of their songs are very very nice! people should stop comparing them to BLESS THE FALL, coz ALESANA is much much better than BLESS THE FALL and no questions ALESANA is the best!!! am i ryt?????

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