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Amber Pacific (Federal Way, WA) is a band that aims to
follow in the footsteps of the late, great Seattle-area
music scene. Though the well-known regional influences are
not largely apparent in their music, coming of age in a
city that has been constantly buzzing with brand new
amalgamations of rock since the early 90’s has proven
beneficial for the band. Amber Pacific is today just as
much a product of its musical environment as it is a
cornerstone of the new Seattle-area music scene. With an
average age of 19, they have the More...

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Review about Amber Pacific songs
For you | Reviewer: Moron
    ------ About the song If I Fall performed by Amber Pacific

This was the last song that he'd told me. i hope he could still suggest and give me songs that are pleasing to my ears like this one. I hope we could still talk to each other. I kinda miss him. Hey, if you ever read this, please talk to me again? we can be friends again. I swear, i won't fall for you AGAIN. because i think, i'm starting to like my best friend...secretly.

crush | Reviewer: annemie
    ------ About the song Gone So Young performed by Amber Pacific

when i hear this song, i feel inlove , happy and so on, because when i was in 3rd year high school.. In our room i have a crush his name is xyrus he likes screamo and metallic,
i hate him -.- but when the time his my seatmate he sang this
song .. And i ask him 'whats that title' and he answered 'gone so young' and he request to me that if its okay to play it using phone.. And he sing also. I shocked when he look at me and say " say that i miss you, say that i love you " i smiled. Then so on.

a simple memories to share... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If I Fall performed by Amber Pacific

im so touch with this song. The first i played this song. I really want to cry out. It is exactly what i want to say to my first love, that once my bestfriend. Were very close to each other until one day he started ignoring me. I hate the way what he is doing until now. I dont know what to act. I feel left behind. Ang this song really reminds me of him, I love him so much... So how can i say... say i'll be okay... please tell me regie,just to go away...

if i fall | Reviewer: Tinkerbelle13
    ------ About the song If I Fall performed by Amber Pacific

it is kind of song that can touch one's heart,a heart that has been broke or loved.that song reminds me of my boy friend.that i never used to think that i will going to love him the way he do.because,he is my hatest person,but now,he is my one and only love.ILoveHimSomuch:) IloveYou john vonjoe:)

C'Mon people! | Reviewer: Seal
    ------ About the song Gone So Young performed by Amber Pacific

This song has nothing to do with relationships! It's about a friend of the band who died in a car crash while they were still in high school, just before their senior year, his name was Luke Johnson, it's pretty clear it's written about someone who died! This son is absolutely amazing and I eargasm as soon as it starts playin.

Truth be told... | Reviewer: The White Knight
    ------ About the song Poetically Pathetic performed by Amber Pacific

This song is beautiful and couldn't be more true...Its only a bit sad that I can relate so much to it and that after three years of hiding in the shadows and admiring from afar, I may never get my happy ending...In any case I love this song and its lyrics will always remind me of the person who means so much to me.

helps through the days | Reviewer: dixeychic
    ------ About the song If I Fall performed by Amber Pacific

I cant stop listening to this song. To me it says about having nothing and giving up but it also says I can go on with you by my side. My husbands birthday is today and he is in prison and it pains me that he is there and somehow this song with its lyrics is easing it alittle for me. It makes me realize I will never give up on him. Wanted to bail him out before his birthday but alas no money. But he has me by his side.

Gone So Young | Reviewer: Claudette
    ------ About the song Gone So Young performed by Amber Pacific

well, this song always reminds me that i lost my special one.. He died because he committed a suicide because of me.. Whenever i hear this song i always accusing myself because he died because of my being dumb. I broke up with him because he do a big and large mistake. I caught him in a hotel with somebody. But before that i call him and ask what is he doing. he said to me that his just watching tv with his brother..So i believe in him.. after i caught him with his girl.. I broke up with him and i never listen to his explanation.. the day after that his mom call me and said he's die.. first i don't believe in him. but i saw in a tv that a man committed a suicide in a condo.. it really hurts a lot i cried all the time.. i don't know what to do.. and one day i open my yahoo and i saw a message from him before he died it said.\" i'm sorry babe for letting you go, it's just a mistake i didn't even know that girl bring me in a hotel because i drunk, but it's true i'm just watching with my brother.. then my brother's friend just go in our condo and having a party i didn't text you because the girl throw my phone i'm really sorry please come back I'LL BE WAITING YOUR CALL AT 10:00 I LOVE YOU".. i cried alot when i read it.. :( it's been a 5 years that he died.. and i still not getting married because of him.

<3 | Reviewer: libbah
    ------ About the song Gone So Young performed by Amber Pacific

This song makes me cry, but it's a good thing it remninds me of one of my best friends- he passed away due to meningitus and it makes me think of him and that i promise to do all i can to make him proud of me.
I loved him, but i never told him
I hate myself daily for never saying anything but i cant do anything about it now, but fundraise and do it with a smile♥♥

miss him | Reviewer: gothic_yoj
    ------ About the song Gone So Young performed by Amber Pacific

i was ones hated the noisy song like screamo and metallic, but wen i met him and b'come my boy i used to listen to it b'coz this are the songs he loves to play..hes such a bad boy but i really love him, b4 we broke up he ask me to listen with this song i used to ignore it b4 but now it is one of my favorite songs everytime i listen to this it reminds me of him how i wish hes still mine and every nyt dreamed ill be with him again lying in his arms while listening to him play this song and sang it for me.

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