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There's no doubt that Amanda Perez knows who she is and what she wants. The Fort Wayne, Indiana, native thinks, breathes, eats, and sleeps phat beats and smooth melodies 24-7, and all she wants is for you to feel her. WHERE YOU AT? - The 13-track debut album on Universal Records demonstrates Amanda's formidable skills behind the mic and in the producer's booth.

Like the Gemini she is, Amanda possesses multiple talents (she plays keyboards, drums, guitar and bass and can also spit rhymes and croon lyrics with ease) and multiple moods. Amanda can go from the rock hard rapid beats of the sexy "Whoa," to the playful flirtation of "I Like," to the romantic balladry of "Angel" or "Never" without blinking an eye. She can hit Southern hip-hop flavor one minute on "Where You At?," flow over reggae-influenced rhythms like on "Get 'Em Hype," then smooth it out with sexy harmonies and a Latin tinge, as on "In My Life." Amanda credits her big sister for musical versatility. "When I was growing up I use to listen to all the pop and R&B albums, my sister use to play, especially Michael Jackson and soon realized that there was a wide range musical sounds and influences that I could use while honing my talents," states the young lady.

Born into a large Mexican-American family, Amanda started singing at the age of 4. She watched her uncle lead her older cousins in a successful local Tejano band known as the Sombra Chicana USA. By age 9, she had learned to play the drums and had picked her way through dozens of radio hits by ear on a keyboard. Soon, 11 year-old Amanda was performing with the kiddie band Sombra Chicana Chiquitos, playing intermissions during her uncle's gigs. Eventually, she introduced her own songs into the set list, having penned the romantic ballad "You Are My Love" while still a pre-teen. "My mom was tripping out," Amanda laughs. "She would tell me in Spanish, 'M'ija, how were you making that?'" But the baby of the family had caught on to the lives and loves of her siblings and cousins. In fact, catching on fast is one of Amanda's strongest skills. Like the way she learned to play the drums at 9: "My cousin Bobby was the drummer, he would show me little things, and I would do it. If I watch you and I'm really paying attention, I can play it right after. I played by ear."

Though blessed with talent, she was outgrowing the Chiquitos. Her uncle felt the she was too young to go on the road with his all-male band despite her pleading.

Amanda, who was getting noticed for her skills on the drums'2nd for her crisp lady-thug-style of dress, went to work at her parents' trucking business, but never abandoned her music. "I didn't want to work for my parents my whole life," Amanda reveals. "I wanted to be able to make something of myself and have people look at me and say, dang, she went far and she did it by herself."

Amanda would go into her uncle's recording studio, where she taught herself the recording equipment and recorded a 5-song demo. She also began performing at local talent shows and expos, astounding audiences with her energy and skills. One of Amanda's cousins talked her into entering the talent show for the Indiana Black Expo and she walked away as the Junior Vocalist of the Year champ in 1999. "My whole family cried," Amanda remembers. "The audience was standing on their chairs taking pictures and people were running down the aisle to get to the stage. When I saw the crowds reaction, I thought, it's only gonna get bitter from here."

At the age of 21, Amanda Perez has accomplished her dream. WHERE YOU AT?, is the banging first album of music that Amanda wrote, produced, and performed all on her own. "I can't explain it, I'm blessed to the fullest," says Amanda, who displays her "lady thug" style with braids, piercing, and tattoos on the cover of her CD. "I always knew that one day I would make it. Making this album was a dream come true, and I truly believe that God has blessed me."

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your my favorite singer | Reviewer: Kassandra Hernandez | 7/24/13

Hi amanda your my favorite singer you put alot of feelings to your song actually helped me i listen to your music every single day i love your song i pray
i lost alot and your song made me feel way better i pray all the time keep up your music its very beautiful much love

the reason why | Reviewer: DEJAH | 1/30/13

Amanda i think you are a good talented person you are intelligent. Most people dont understand the words when you sing but I do. They are great they show how you feel. My favorite song by you is angel and you are an angel. It was great!!

Thug Lady | Reviewer: Fernanda | 12/24/12

Dang Girl! Like you said you made it by herself!! It feels good to wake up in the mornings turning on my stadio & bumping up same of your jam. Your lyric say so much of you. You making me understand life & better. Always walk with my head way up high. Your style, Dang Girl You Got It!! I got to say, "I see a lil reflection of me in you!". Keep making a successful hit of your life.

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/6/12

Amanda Your song's have gotten me through so much...You are such a beatiful and talented person..I hope you never stop following your dreams and keep bringin them bad ass song's cause girl you r the shit lol!!!!xoxoxoxox!!!!

Panda | Reviewer: Amanda s | 8/17/12

Nuch love and respect for your words, your sound, and your thoughts you just let let flow out. Def make feel connected with myself when obhear you sing! Loved you for years and will never stop being inspired and connected to your words. I'd love to know if you still perform concerts?

just another person | Reviewer: shay sanchez | 5/15/12

hey , i love your songs their reallly meaningful . NEVER STOP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING .! you have fans that love you so much and love to sit back and play your songs over and over again ! love yoou (:

alaniz | Reviewer: esparanza alaniz | 11/30/11

hey amanda i love your song canddy kisses and my daddy is always sayin ur his babe. im a huge fan. i go to heath and im in seventh grade im 12 yeas old my bday is april 4 i love you and your music....

There are many artist but none like u!! | Reviewer: Bliss | 10/29/11

When I lost my partner of 4 years ur music saved my life ..the day she passed I heard angel..I'm still young but I'll be a fan of urs for life..I respect who u are and what ur about..much love..thank u for just being u..

awesome | Reviewer: samantha perez | 10/6/11

hi amanda i love your music !!!!!you are very talented singer i love your voice !!!!can i ask you a question what year was your album of angel came out plz write me back at

<3 | Reviewer: Norma | 8/11/11

well hii,my name is norma and I <3 your music alott everthing u say on your songs its real and its really cute... :) well hopefully you keep making wunderful music like your doin it now ... Pues hopefuly u cant respond back to me on my email..... illlmm hopping u will <33

I Hope you come to the I.E. one day! | Reviewer: Brenda | 8/1/11

What's up A.P. I just want to start off by saying that I fell in love with all your songs, to the point were I bought all of your albums, I hope you sign them for me someday if you ever come to the I.E. that's Inland Empire, CA for ya who don't know. Anyways, Amanda your music is very soothing to me, I love singing along to your songs, and I even cry when I hear your songs, love is a muthfucker. especially that song you dedicated to your mom. *Goodbye* made me think about my mom who also past away too. Last I want you to know that I'm jocking you so much cuz uh I had an ex girlfriend who looked a lot like you. Your my favorite and the shit Fuck all Haters. I'm out

LOVE AMANDA!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/15/11

My name is also Amanda=D But AP is just sooooo amazing. its almost like she changed my life. When im thinking about running away again or gettin in another fight or even killing myself. i just listen to AP`s songs. Listen to the words and think if its really worth it. Because i have a dream of becoming famous and i can already imagine it. I honestly and truthfully love her songs. without them i wouldnt be where im at now. so Thanks AP for changing my life and the lives of others. -With love -Amanda.J.Robles<3<3

Amanda Perez Is The Best Singer In The World | Reviewer: Chub Chub | 12/19/10

I LOve You Amanda Yuhh Is A Deep Person Yuhh Keep It Real,Yuhh About LIfe; Yuhh Inspired Mehh In So Many Way To Nott Give Up Keep Goinqq Stronqq On MY Dream; Is Tahh Behh Justt Likee Yuhh,People Judge Yuhh Amanda I Don't And I WOn't DHat's God Job;Yuhh Keep Goinqq Stronqq And Don't Give Uhpp, Yuhh Very Pretty And Your Voice Like No Other; LOve /Chub-Chub/Juj!

lovyn her wyt mii heart | Reviewer: nissy brown | 10/27/10

amanda i love ur is one of mii best music artist.i don't only lov ur songs i lov ur swaggggg ur everydang.i lov ur songs i hav dem on mii misspace page, mii fone ,mii mp3 player.i listen too all ur music ;candy kisses ,never, you will never find nobody, angel,nd i still love you.
i love all ur music if we can meet yn person i wyll be very pleaseddd i will hug u nd everydang amanda i wyll prae dhat u com too L.A,sew i can meet u.well wrds r gyttyn sort i jus tell u troo keep ur heas up keep[ makyn ur gud azzzzz songs nd i am goyn too keep lyztening too ur songz D.U.E.S.E.S

A WOMAN DAT STRONG | Reviewer: shada daniels | 10/26/10

Amanda i luv your music alot.i luv the your song"I Pray and Why". Whe n you sang those sons i felt wat you where going through. Amanda your a strong woman and you never let nobody bring you down, you always keep your head dont ever put it down for no mist went far in life just keep on going. but when i really say i luv dat song"Why" i mean i really luved it wit all my heart. About two months ago my mother ran off a left me but i understand why but its hard cause i just turn 16 years old and she wasn't there but she was always there in my my sister wuz takin care me till i got in trouble cause someone was talking about my mother so it was to much stress so i moved wit my father who ran off when i was 7 years old so i really dont know him like dat like i know my mother.but when im wit him he doesnt't talk to he always got attitude wit me. he always take his problems out on me and i dont understand. i just want runaway and never turn back. i dont know wat im do without my mother. he always tell me im not going make but i give damn wat he says cause im going make wheather he like it or not and im go to college too. i was hope you can give me some advise. cause when im with him i just put my handphone in my ear and it clear my head. I THANK YOU!

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